A Golf Swing Training Device to Refine Your Swing


Article by Eddie Lamb

Everyone gets the basic idea of how to play golf, after all, it is not so complicated in theory. It’s basically the same thing as getting a basketball through the hoop and into the net, but people don’t seem to pick up on golf as quickly as they pick up on basketball. This seems paradoxical, because there are a lot of other mechanics involved in playing basketball, such as dribbling the ball and running down the court without losing control of the ball. None of this is an issue in golf; simply swing and you walk down the course to your ball and swing again.

Then, hopefully, you walk to the green and swing a soft, smooth putt, and the ball is in and you just take the ball out of the hole; no boxing out or defending required. Sounds simple in principle, so why do so few people actually become good golfers? It’s all in the swing; however, those smooth swings are not as easy to do as it looks. Since virtually all that is done in golf is take a swing every now and then, having a good swing means that you can become a good golfer.

How Can I Perfect My Swing?

Really you have many choices when it comes to picking a way to train your golf swing. Devices are plentiful, and so are personal coaches. However, you can imagine what a golfer working in the pro shop at your club charges hourly for private lessons. It’s not a pretty sight, for most of us, paying greens fees is expensive enough without having to worry about getting a whole bunch of private lessons to perfect your swing. Many people, however, do not get private lessons, and do not improve their swing, and within months those new expensive clubs are sitting, rusting in the garage. The alternative is to purchase a golf swing training device.

A golf swing training device is simply a mechanical club that you practice with. My personal favorite is called the Refiner, for the obvious reason that it promises to refine your golf swing. This training device is high-tec although quite simple as an end result, and not too expensive. This golf swing training device has a specially engineered hinge toward the bottom of the club that is very sensitive.

Engineers worked very hard to perfect the hinge of this golf swing training device. How it works is that you take a few practice swings with the device before you pick up the club that you are going to take your first real swing with. If anything is technically wrong with your swing, the hinge breaks, and the club in your hands become useless. Most who purchase this device practice training their golf swing at home for weeks or even months before taking their real clubs onto the course. Results are guaranteed with such a device.

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