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Working on your putting is just plain boring!

If you are like most amateur golfers, you love to practice bombing the driver off the tee, trying to squeeze another 10 yards out of your 6 iron, or getting those short approach shots to stick like the pros do it. While all of these things are important, there is absolutely, positively, NO easier way [...]

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How to swing down on a shallow inside plane…

A lot of golfers suffer from an overly steep downswing. Which is sad, real sad, because that’s one of the biggest causes of a slice and weak shots. However, the steep downswing is really the result of everything that has happened before, and from a transition NOT led with the lower body.   But even if you [...]

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What Would An Extra 21 Yards On Your Drives Do For YOUR Game?

Would your scores improve if your average drive went 21 yards farther than you currently hit it? I’m sure it would, as 21 yards is a significant amount of distance! Forget all of the internet stories you read where amateurs are always touting their 275-300 yard drives. It just doesn’t happen. Consider that the tour [...]

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2014 Ryder Cup Day 1 Pairings Announced!

The pairings for day 1 in the 2014 Ryder Cup have officially been announced, and I have to admit that I’m a little worried for USA’s chances. Admittedly, most US fans have been a bit worried about this years match ever since both teams were announced, and Vegas has confirmed these fears by naming Europe [...]

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How does the weather affect the flight of your golf balls?

We all know the basics on how weather can have an affect on the flight of that drive you smashed on that par 5 the other day, right? Most weather effects on your game are pretty much common sense, with the exception of one widely held myth in regards to weather. A strong headwind can [...]

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