Beginning Golf Tips – You Can’t Hit the Ball Yet

Golf Tips

If you’re truly serious about improving your golf game, there are a few beginning golf tips that you need to take to heart.

When you think about it, at its core the goal in game of golf is simply to get your golf ball into each of the 18 holes in succession, using no more than 14 clubs.

This certainly sounds simple enough but remember in paraphrasing Winston Churchill — “golf is a silly game played with implements ill suited for the purpose”

Probably the best beginning golf tips that myself or anyone can give you would be to take the game slowly, make good decisions on the golf course, and never be thinking about anything else other than the shot but you must make at the moment.

In other words if you’re going to improve your golf game, you should play with total concentration and even disregard for your pride and ego.

One of the key elements and lowering your golf score is that you must be an honest judge of your realistic talents and abilities. Sure, it’s fun and usually good for a few laughs when you are out with your favorite foursome and you have 200+ yards to carry some water and land on the green; and you pull out your fairway wood and tell your buddies watch this shot… but this type of evaluation of one’s talent and ability most generally doesn’t lead to consistent scoring and improving one’s golf game.

As your game begins to improve you will find yourself truly enjoying the layout of each and every golf course. You will be able to evaluating your approach to each hole based on the skills that you currently possess. You’ll be able to see the challenge that the golf course architect laid out before you and begin formulating the best approach for playing that particular hole. This is when the true beauty of the golf courses come through and the true enjoyment of the game of golf comes to fruition.

When it comes to golf, scoring is everything.

I mean, what else does one talk about at the end of their round of golf… well… it’s what they shot.

So, for this beginning golf tip, the emphasis is on taking the game slowly, learning to concentrate and focus solely on the shot of the moment, and honestly knowing your own skill level and how it pertains to the shots you must make on each and every hole.

And here’s the top secret beginning golfers tip… most scoring occurs within 100 yards of the whole.

If you can take that one golf tip to heart as you learn and practice your game, trust me… your hard work will pay off as it will be your buddies reaching into their wallets and not you.

I discussed the importance of the short game on my website and we’ll have more on “from 100 yards in” in future articles.

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