Ben Hogan Golf Swing

Golf Techniques
by rjg329

A very brief pointer from the man himself.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Ben Hogan Golf Swing”

  1. If you want to score, follow his advice. If you want big looping shots that
    fall out of the air, he isn’t your man.

  2. Pause the video and just look at the lag.

  3. he’s very polite

  4. So with all these swing experts out there, and all these videos and
    training aids and what not…and Mr Hogan pretty much sums up the golf
    swing in a minute. That’s what the great ones do. They keep it simple.

  5. I doubt anyone cares Brendan.

  6. Could be but I prefer that over the gang-banger shit drawers, anyday!!

  7. What??????????

  8. He hit the golf ball 800 yards

  9. What a great swing. He was a master at his craft and his swing was his

  10. 77 idiots

  11. i wouldn’t take too much notice of that if i were you. you can see clearly
    here that his right shoulder and right hip go thru in perfect
    synchronicity. This swing synchronicity may be acausal but it is clearly
    evident from the slow motion, and both his shoulders and hips are pointing
    to the left of the target in his follow thru

  12. I’m sorry but on freeze frame the shoulders and hips are not together,the
    shoulders are counter coiling the hips and are forced around by the pull
    force of the lower body/leftside Its quite simply kinetic
    linking,gearing.Look at the 5 lessons at the plane image that Hogan uses to
    show how the plane changes on the downswing Only at full extension are the
    correlated,prior to that the are opposing coiling forces. One force hips)
    trying to pull the body left and the other(shoulders) dropping inside.

  13. Hogans shoulders do not catch up with the hips until full extension. As
    Hogans states in his 5 lessons. The hips are always ahead of the
    shoulders,the shoulders are moving on a angular plane downwards and the
    hips on a more horizontal plane. This enhances pressure and leverage. You
    will notice too that Hogans hips turn way left of target at finish.

  14. If Hogan had turned his left hip to the left in the down-swing his
    shoulders would never have caught up with his hips in the down-swing; but
    Hogan’s shoulders do clearly catch up with his hips. And it is at this
    point that he releases his right arm thru with the left side of his right
    forearm, and his left leg just simply straightens at this point, also

  15. Leadbetter still wears his trousers like hogan.

  16. Comment 1000!

  17. Ben claimed he mastered the swing through hard work and dedication.”The
    secret is in the dirt” he once said. He never mentioned anything about a
    divine “blue print”. Could this be the secret to Hogan’s REAL secret? ;)

  18. Forget the rest – this is the best 1 minute instruction we’ll ever get.

  19. Stop the carp? I didn’t know we were talking about fishing. LOL ;) Well,
    whatever advantages he’s had he’s taken full advantage of them and become
    the greatest golfer of all time. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t particularly
    LIKE the dude. He seems like an aloof, selfish and arrogant prick. Then
    again Michael Jordan was known as being just as bad if not worse and very
    few people ever called him on his carp. ;) The point is that he’s been able
    to accomplish things in golf no one has before.

  20. A touch of transatlantic accent there. Must be old!

  21. It’s interesting that he talks about hips and body; but when he says “what
    starts first” it’s his hand that makes the movement

  22. The videos width is stretched

  23. You’re right. I should watch what I say. Otherwise some random internet
    stranger on Youtube who I’ll never meet might think less of me.

  24. Elegant yet effective swing like Bobby Jones and Byron Nelson. What more do
    guys want? Stop criticizing the dead! Not fair!

  25. 1:12 Ben’s secret . Gluteus MAXIMUS :)