(Best Driver Video) Drive the Ball without Slicing


CPGA Golf Professional Rob Bernard shows you how to set up properly for driving the golf ball and how to avoid slicing the ball. Own Rob’s entire system at w…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 5 / 5

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16 Responses to “(Best Driver Video) Drive the Ball without Slicing”

  1. I’m very inconsistent off the tee so I’m very eager to try this out it sounds simple very well presented loads of pro tips are like gobbledygook thanks rob

  2. @ iancase: Hi Ian, thanks for the question…the answer is…with the driver you don’t set the club up to the ball, you leave it on the center where the bottom is supposed to happen so you can bottom out in the right spot and swing up at the ball on the tee. If you move the club to the ball…you must perform the reverse “k” position in order to place your COG in the proper position, and keep your alignment…much easier to start there in the first place. Keep me posted!

  3. How do you get the driver to the ball then please. I understand the decoy but when you do want to set up to the ball, how do you move the club to the ball.

  4. @briankettlewell: Thanks for the note Brian, to answer your question, ball placement is always toward the target side…never place the ball back of your center of gravity…because then you have to go find it… in my system, the bottom always happens in the same place, and the 3 ball positions reflects the club you are hitting…see ball position video on my you-tube page.

  5. @Blackyboi39, Awesome! please keep me posted, love to hear stories like this…

  6. Thank you Rob, this was very very useful! I can hit my driver more consistently now. It used to change between 250 and 300 yards average from day to day different. I hope to get Handicap 0 within this year. I always saved my self with long short irons (PW up to 140 yards) when still being accurate. Rounding it with a consistent Driver it hopefully will allow me to play some Rounds below 70 soonish.

  7. brian kettlewell Reply June 28, 2013 at 10:14 pm

    Hi Rob, please clarify if the 1″ in front of COG means toward front foot or back foot.
    Spent lots fo time determining my OG and best decoy position and found it to be 3″ back from ball teed up. works great except for 3 drives when I pulled it !!
    Oliver BC

  8. this guys legit

  9. @brian kettlewell, Good for you Brian, glad to hear your driver is finally working well…and YES I can help with every aspect of your game with the same results as the driver. The fairway woods are the same as the driver but the ball position moves to 1″ in front of your COG (and use a decoy) watch my ball position video. Putting is too much to put in this message, order my DVD set for only $50.00 (use code) tee it up, and select “Free Shipping”, you have nothing to lose but strokes!

  10. brian kettlewell Reply June 29, 2013 at 12:06 am

    Tried and it works, great Rob, Now my ywo biggest score wreckers are hitting f/w woods cleanly and putting!!
    Can you help with these too?

  11. Best advice I have heard on here. Thank you!

  12. @rnn5004: Thanks for the question, it’s a good one…Ball position is only relevant to where your COG is. Irons and hybrid irons are designed to be struck at bottom center, right on your COG, that way you get ball first, divot second. Watch for my all new VOD series coming soon…

  13. Anybody know Rob’s COG theories while swinging irons and wedges? Because we are supposed to make contact ball first, then ground, does that mean our COG’s are slightly in front of the ball at impact?

  14. Thank you very much for this free advice, Rob. I’m hitting the ball straight on a great, added about 30 yards on my drive.

  15. @ Harry Smith, Hi Harry, thanks for the note. I coach 3 of the best 15 year old golfers in Canada including the 3 time Canadian Jr. Champion and they all use my system exclusively because it always works. Just go to the range and follow the steps for the driver set up, The reason for the push and the pop up are the same thing. If you move your COG toward the target a little…you will push your drive, if you move it a lot (even with or past the ball) you will pop it up, or balloon your drive.

  16. Hi Rob, I’m 14 and my handicap has decreased from 38 to 27 in 3 weeks after being 38 for a year. I seem to be fine in the majority of the game as my putting average is probably scratch. My drives go high in the air and sliced with the occasional pured drives. Would you reccomend i spend a while practicing this technique in the net at my club and then at the range? If this works you will have saved my golf game and improve. Also, i never realised about the feet! Much appreciated!