Best Golf swing tips ever

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Here we have Academy of Golf Dynamics instructor, Thor Lokey, discussing tips for cold weather golfing. Keeping your head, hands and feet warm is key, as is …

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17 Responses to “Best Golf swing tips ever”

  1. I allways knew you should hinge your wrists, but never did it untill last
    month. Im now driving a 310 yard draw with consistancy!

  2. A great mentor well worth paying for a pro to teach you these tricks

  3. Video sucks to much talking and not enough action. Put up or shut up.

  4. mashed potatos!!

  5. This was really a helpful video… I do like the way he broke down the
    swing making it simpler. Could I re blog this on my site?
    thegolfjunkies.blogspot. I have some other useful lessons that I’ve found.
    Feel free to check those out! Good luck with your game in the new year!

  6. So…… cool By

  7. instructions weren’t clear. I got my dick caught in the 7 iron.

  8. swing like this guy and you ll be in good shape, check it out, Alessandro
    Melle Swing

  9. Nice tips

  10. I just wanted to say that this golf swing guide really helped me and I
    recommend it to everybody.

  11. lolwtf

  12. Nice video some really interesting tips

  13. Get clearer tips. Go to TipsOnGolfSwings[DOT]com for more tips.

  14. thanks for a great video

  15. consider using heat packs instead of heavy gloves that you have to
    continually put on and take off. There are many vendors to choose from.

  16. Cool. Finally living in an area that doesn’t snow during the winter so
    these tips will help me out. Any difference in club maintenance during the
    cold months?