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Working on your putting is just plain boring!

If you are like most amateur golfers, you love to practice bombing the driver off the tee, trying to squeeze another 10 yards out of your 6 iron, or getting those short approach shots to stick like the pros do it. While all of these things are important, there is absolutely, positively, NO easier way [...]

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Golf Tips for Beginners – Start Your Game off Right

Taking up the game of golf can bring you many rewards, help you with networking, and get you outside in the sun more often.  If you plan to play golf this summer, you might need some golf tips for beginners to give you a good start.  Not all golf instructors work well with beginners, but [...]

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5 Golf Tips For Beginners To Start Improving Immediately

Golf is a game for fun, but it also needs concentration and focus to play it correctly. Anyone that is a beginner knows that it can be difficult to learn to play right and that is why you have to understand some golf tips for beginners that will have you improving your game of golf [...]

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Three Necessary Golf Driving Tips for Beginners

Before we get into the golf driving tips for beginners, make sure this isn’t where you start learning the game.  As a beginner, you want to learn from the green to the tee, which means putting, chipping, and pitching all come before driving.  You wouldn’t learn basketball by starting with three-point shots.  No, you would [...]

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Some Tips For Beginner Golfing

Golf is becoming a popular sport nowadays. Why not? This sport can be rewarding though frustrating but it is highly addictive. If you are interested to play this game, beginner golfing is not that difficult. People who are so excited to play golf usually make a mistake of rushing out and buying a brand new [...]

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