Cleveland 588 CB Forged Irons


Cleveland 588 CB Forged Irons

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24 Responses to “Cleveland 588 CB Forged Irons”

  1. new model? or are they the same as last year?

  2. Adams CMB please

  3. Love these vids, please can you gibe a retail price please

  4. id like to see how or when you would look at using clubs like tese. What i mean is what type of handicap or game would you start looking at switching to these types of clubs.

  5. Hader to get up in the air compared to cast game improvement irons, and less hand sting and loss of distance/direction on mishits. The heads have different centres of gravity so they launch the ball differently. Check Youtube for mizunogolfeurope channel, they have excellent product videos that also explain some of the technology in golf club design, they sell forged blades down to cast game improvement irons and several models in between.

  6. I disagree. I’m a hacker, and when I mishit my modern game improvement clubs I can tell, but it doesn’t punish me that badly. I’ve demoed blades and when I mishit them they stung my hands like I didn’t believe! Golf to me should not include physical pain so it’s GI shovels for me :-)

  7. Currently playing the TA5′s by Cleveland which I really like.
    Still paying off student loans but once I get a hold of my local rep, I’ll be buying the 588 MB’s (I LOVE the look of them) Sweet feel, sweet look, what more could you want?

  8. The 588 MB’s are SICK!

  9. Cool video

  10. Non-sense! That’s just what the equipment manufacturers want us to believe to buy into their claims about “latest technology”. CBs or blades are just fine to play with.

  11. It’s harder to hit because there is less of a cavity and that makes the club have less forgiveness. The more off-center the hit, the worse it will feel and the worse the ball flight/control and distance. It may even hurt your hands if you hit it really poorly. That is why most people would have a hard time hitting a club like this, because it is designed more like a traditional “bladed” club. If you have an old blade lying around, try to hit with it and you’ll see what I mean.

  12. I have these with project x 6.0. Awesome fee

  13. They look nice.

  14. keegan uses cast cg 7pros

  15. Dang, still no Bridgestone J40 review….

  16. I don’t get that “harder to hit” comment, why is it harder to hit?

  17. I believe Keegan Bradley and several other staffers are currently bagging these. Others are using the Srixon version.


  19. these all night long

  20. good looking club but as you say its all about the brand.

  21. mark i was interested into becoming a golf pro and i was wondering whered did you go to school to become a pro and how many interships did you have and what is the job like do you play less and teach more or do you play about the same

  22. nice little divot patch there mark.

  23. great iron, one of the boys on the pga tour sponsored by TM has these with lead tape on the back :) but then again a lot of the boys sponsored by TM and Nike are playing Muira…….the things companies want you to believe.

  24. debating between the vr pro combos or these!?!!! tough choice