Dave Stockton on Putting


Putting Tips.
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20 Responses to “Dave Stockton on Putting”

  1. Frank Tømmervik Reply November 18, 2013 at 2:36 pm
  2. @ddraiggoch13 Absolutely right. I think Stockton is even too prescriptive
    here. Commit to the speed and line, have a repeatable setup that feels
    right to you (whatever it is), grip the club in a way that puts confidence
    in your palms (for me a very soft left-hand overlap, unlike Stockton who
    prescribes a firmer left hand), and breathe. Don’t worry about if it goes
    in. Like so many beautiful art forms, putting is about the process, not the

  3. die it in the hole like the man says – roll the ball dont strike it – agree
    - and dont even try – watch me do what the man says and not even try…

  4. In other words strike it with no care just roll it who cares no one will
    kill you after just roll it ….. Lol

  5. Dave Stockton is considered one of the best putters on any PGA tour. Listen
    to what he says about putter.

  6. Checked out your video, and it looks you’ve really found something that
    works for you. I screwed around with it, but had a really hard time feeling
    the speed from any distance. You know, though, what you say makes a lot of
    sense. I don’t think you can prescribe a putting stroke for someone. I’ve
    learned a lot by watching the great putters, but I look at them as art
    rather than as formulas to copy. I took something from Stockton’s stroke,
    something from Tiger’s, something from Roberts’s.

  7. I can understand your trepedation, but what is being encouraged here is
    “CONFIDENCE”…plain and simple.

  8. 4 people out of nearly 200k viewers are complete morons. Not a bad ratio.

  9. priceless advice, if you are going to listen to one guy about putting he is
    probably at the top of the list.

  10. I’ve tried this now. Know what – it works. Brilliant.

  11. I say it like this. Be athletic. Golf is a sport not a test, stop thinking
    and play ball.

  12. So don’t try to make it and you will, Dave?

  13. that is some great advice there for sure!!

  14. awesome tip

  15. One of the few that “knows” he can putt. That’s half of it right there.

  16. Oh no, now there are 6!

  17. When he says dont try what he really means is let yourself go and trust
    your own instincts to make a putt, your natural instincts are more powerful
    than any book you will ever read on putting, trust yourself, relax and let
    go, dont try, do.

  18. This has worked for me, go try it

  19. great advice