Erik Dalton – Golf & Low Back Pain

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PGA Golf Professional Andy Proudman demonstrates how to create more lag in the golf swing to help create more power and consistent strikes with the golf ball…
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24 Responses to “Erik Dalton – Golf & Low Back Pain”

  1. share me more of these videos.

  2. Eric you have become the light unto my feet during my Massage Therapy
    Career’s Infancy, your techniques are extremely effective and I thank you
    on behalf of myself and my very satisfied clients !!! Keep it up Brother

  3. I have been working on building lag and it’s really helped me to stop I use this same drill for my driver?…´╗┐

  4. Too much wind!

  5. Todays’ Practice Tip is all about creating more Lag in your GolfSwing.
    Watch and Learn. (

    #Golf, #GolfTip, #GolfLessons´╗┐

  6. andy who?

  7. the golf industry who want to create stupidly long golf courses, the buy
    the new driver that will go 10 yards further than last years (that’s mainly
    the ball by the way people) – where does it stop. 12,000 yard courses?! the
    proper club manufactures have all gone out business or been bought by the
    super large companies of today, who make too upright and too light golf
    clubs. macgregor barely survives, hogan’s gone, spalding no longer do golf,
    wilson – sold out to the modern crap. nike – only got

  8. If you look at the video at 1.58 you will see that the club is delayed.
    This is lag. When the hands reach level with the golf ball, you will see
    the majority of the worlds best players will have the shaft parallel to the
    ground at this point. This a great check point.

  9. andy, if you put this video and method in the context of what’s around
    these days, then it’s good. however, i think it highlights exactly what is
    wrong with modern teaching. it only teaches from a “swingers” action, which
    is easiest for the golf population to identify with and easiest to teach. a
    swingers action is to store energy at the top, create “lag” on the way down
    and then dump it onto the ball and slightly beyond. there’s two problems
    with this. 1 – it relies on hitting loads of balls

  10. Hi. What you have described is a “feeling” so what I would say is yes that
    could work as a feeling for you maybe different to others. I would suggest
    filming your swing with that feeling and see how much difference it makes.
    Just be sure not to leave the club face open, also ensure your body leads!
    Hope that helps. Andy

  11. Hi Andy, Thanks for your reply. Actually it tried to really throw my hands
    and it somewhat worked as it resulted in a big shift of the lowest swing
    point towards the front foot (at least 6 inches) which is what I was
    looking for to eliminate fat strokes. However I akso lost a lot of
    consistency at impact in the process… Probably too exagerated…

  12. May be the ball was too on the left in the stance??

  13. Thanks Jamie. Yes one of the hardest things to do is create the lag and
    square the face at impact and often the cause of the early release is due
    to the open face. My suggestion would be to work on squaring the face
    first. If you are hitting the ball to the right and working on lag, it will
    be very difficult.

  14. Great tip!

  15. into golf post tiger (they are not a golf club company!), callaway – found
    their big break via the big bertha. anyway, the point is, is that modern
    gear promotes an OTT hackers swing. have a look at brad hughes videos and
    john erickson (advanced ball striking).

  16. Great, sounds like the bottom of the arc has move forward! I would
    certainly expect to lose a certain amount of consistency when practicing
    but as you get more use to the correct feeling i’m sure it will even out!
    Any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks, Andy.

  17. If he had no lag then he would be casting the club. Clearly he is
    not…especially considering he is not even going high enough to cast the

  18. gonna use your tip because i need it!now how can you keep that lag on the
    golf course?

  19. its funny because he’s talking about lag but when he hits the ball he don’t
    have any lag

  20. , relies on timing and is inconsistent (vijay singh springs to mind).
    there’s a 1 b), which i’ll come back to. 2 – it creates too much shaft lean
    and delofts the club. the loft on the club is there for a reason. the other
    thing is that because of the energy dump into the ball, there is a
    disconnect between the body and the arms. i think teaching should be going
    back to yesteryear (i’m only 33 by the way), which was to promote a
    “hitters” action. the aim here is to hold the lag (that is force)

  21. on the shaft all the way to the finish. you do this by keeping the pivot
    accelerating faster than the hands through to the finish. this is what
    hogan (late era hogan), peter senior (early era) were doing. you can still
    create a lot of lag as you call it but you want to actively hit at the
    bottom through forearm rotation and maintaing (not losing) wrist cock.
    you’ll have thin, long “bacon strip” divots and little forward shaft lean.
    coming back to 1 b) – teaching these days is as much victim of

  22. Excellent tip this. Andy, I really struggle with lag, so much that I end up
    with the club face being really open at impact and i hit a semi shank /
    full shank. what can I do to stop this?

  23. Golfonax suck

  24. Hi Andy, Thank you for this video. What do you think of the idea of
    throwing the hands towards the ball to create lag?