Five Best Golf Tips of 2011


This year I met with some of the country’s top golfers and golf teachers and in this video I share what those golf tips were. They benefited my game and I ho…

Hit longer driver shots when playing left-handed golf by learning the correct swinging technique and get expert tips on how to hit driver shots as a lefty in…
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17 Responses to “Five Best Golf Tips of 2011”

  1. Thx Kris voor this input! You are a great help! 

  2. Really enjoyed these tips. Thanks.

  3. Fkn stupid, left hander golf tips by right handed golfer, just do opposite, Idiot. Wont watch any more of your videos.

  4. dude you are right handed!! this video blows!!! why would you do something so ridiculous!!! Southpaws rule.

  5. i thought he was going to say ”from my ball to my ball” haha

  6. wtf a tutorial for lefties given by a right handed player O_o

  7. Expert village is a joke. I haven’t seen a single expert village video about anything… sports, cars, whisky, anything that had good information. It’s as if they go out of their way to post videos that don’t do a thing. The only thing this video does is show where to position the ball in your stance, yet it’s called “Hitting Driver Shots.” You never hit a shot. You never showed a backswing. You never showed the follow through. You never showed body position. AND YOURE A RIGHT!

  8. You should call this video.. “Right-Handed Golf Tips, but a mirror image for leftys” lol

  9. wow.. how retard. i didnt mean retarded.. i mean how retard..

  10. sorry his the cashier there!!!

  11. what i have a here is a RIGHT HANDED DRIVER. no this isnt a joke for all you leftys who want to learn leave now.

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  13. expertvillage, just delete the youtube acct… please

  14. No shit you have a driver in your hand fat shit….Your prolly an assistant pro at a par 3…

  15. please find a lefthanded golf teacher because this is not helpful and would not entie me to go to expertvillage

  16. humanforotherhumans Reply September 28, 2013 at 7:47 pm

    HEHEHE!! why are we lefties watching these videos?
    Mike Weir and Phil Mickelson are too busy to help other lefties?

  17. @expertvillage If you want to actually help, why don’t you get someone who swings LEFT-HANDED. what a great idea. If you don’t have one, find your ass one.