Free Complete beginners golf lessons


Free Complete beginners golf lessons

Free golf lessons.
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18 Responses to “Free Complete beginners golf lessons”

  1. hangemhighification Reply January 23, 2014 at 2:47 pm

    Jim, you are driving me nuts moving that ball all over the mat. Nervous
    habit. I just ran acrooss your video. I am advanced golfer but i thought i
    would see what is being offered to beginners. I like that you mention that
    the arms actually dont “try” to swing or control. You may want to emphasize
    this more because beginners dont get that for many years and pros dont tell
    or teach that. Decent start i would say.

  2. Hi Tom, You can go to Shiftgolf on youtube. I am putting together a series
    of personal tips that help the golfer understand the game a little better.
    Hope they have helped you out. Golf is a great game, if you get a chance
    hope you pass my lessons on to others.

  3. Hi, I’m a total beginner and have just been out practising your lesson and
    it’s great. As long as I try not to hit too hard, I can get accuracy and
    feel like I’m in control rather than at the mercy of swinging all over the
    place cause I was lifting it back with right hand. Do have other tips for
    chipping and putting?

  4. One more question…when buying new set of should I choose,
    theres so many types of clubs, sets, I could spend the whole day at the
    golf store…

  5. You just answered your own comment. In order to train your body parts to
    make a precision move they must learn how to move and when to move. Moving
    only one part does not accomplish the task.

  6. You are very welcome :) Tell your friends, golf is a wonderful sport. Jim

  7. Hi, Thanks for your question. You can go to golf store and have the store
    give you a fitting(they may charge), or go to a store and put some clubs in
    your hands. The head of the club should lie with a somewhat level lie and
    feel like you are ready to swing it. If you have not bought any clubs yet
    as I said in the video just get a used one(the sls rep should help you) and
    try out the swing. Jim ps I will try and post a video on buying a club. Jim

  8. That’s the purpose of the swing drill. By using this technique you will put
    pressure on your balance causing your brain to counteract and automatically
    teach you how to swing properly.

  9. Hi Travis, I use the interlock grip. I find it has the best control for my
    hand size. I use the men’s left xtra-large glove. Glad you liked my video.
    If you find it helpful tell your friends. Jim

  10. Good movie, thanks from norway!

  11. Thank you very much. Be sure to tell your friends. Jim

  12. Great video ! Thanks for posting. BTW, what setup are you using in your
    garage to “catch” the balls…?

  13. Hi. Thanks for this video. Can you give lessons or tips on the right way to
    choose a club with respect to your height? I’m a beginner, 5’5″ tall.
    Thanks again, sir.

  14. That’s not such a good lesson,I mean you can’t just say to move your weight
    and expect to hit the ball good,Wouldn’t it be better to just start off
    using your shoulders and hips ?

  15. This was really really helpfull. I tried that swinging exersice at home for
    about 15 minutes everyday and within a week, went back to the driving range
    and noticed an imorovement. Thanks again! PS: i still have problems hitting
    the ball down, i usually hit it too high or the opposite (hit the ground
    before i hit the ball). Any tips/videos on that? Cheer!

  16. Hello, Can u describe the comment a little better. You indicated the “golf
    swings up” ? a video clip would be great if possible. Jim

  17. thanks for this!

  18. Really good guide!