Golf Bunker Sand Shots – Golf Swing Lessons, Tips & Instruction


Golf Bunker Sand Shots - Golf Swing Lessons, Tips & Instruction, Follow @SwingManGolf & @JaacobBowden, Like How To Hit Golf Bunker Sand Shots http://www.swingmangol…
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13 Responses to “Golf Bunker Sand Shots – Golf Swing Lessons, Tips & Instruction”

  1. @bigboycat1 are you retarded?

  2. One of the guys that I played golf with today said that he thought that,
    maybe, intentionally making a light indentation in the sand behind your
    ball might be considered “improving your lie,” which is a no-no.

  3. Out of intreest, do you hold any golf qualifications? You seem to miss out
    a lot of important info!!!

  4. why do the pros alter their swing on a bunker shot

  5. he holed it at 2:51!

  6. at last good advise from someone who can actually play golf

  7. Are you guys serious? off course its a 2 stroke penalty he meant when your
    practicing visualize where you have to hit the ball LOL

  8. hilarious!

  9. just shot a 74 at my local course, used some of these tips too. Nice advice

  10. Jaacob, in the video when you actually hit demonstration shots toward the
    end you look like you get a little “hingy” with your wrists on the
    takeaway. Is this intentional? …or are my eyes playing tricks on me and
    you are just taking your normal swing. Thanks

  11. Very useful tips on getting out of the bunker, especially the one about
    drawing the lines behind the ball. Thanks!

  12. Not being pedantic but why in between two lines 1 and 4 inches behind the
    ball instead of at just one target line 2 inches behind the ball?

  13. I like your voice and the way you talk… it’s really nice to listen to.
    what part of the usa are you from? Maryland?