Golf Course Lesson With Mark Crossfield Part 3


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18 Responses to “Golf Course Lesson With Mark Crossfield Part 3”

  1. How short is this golf course 2 iron off toe 115 left in !!!!!!!!!

  2. Love watching you guys on the course. Keep posting these vids!!!

  3. Were you not using your MP64s?

  4. Really like this type of video. Understanding what should be considered in real time is great. Keep up the good work!

  5. James actually did the same

  6. Mark i see you use a superstroke grip, what do you think about it?

  7. I know when I play with a friends I am just sooooo polite to them the whole time. Haters gonna hate and Crossfield gonna Crossfield.

  8. awesome!!!

  9. yeah hahahaha, thats exactly what i thought!

  10. Ermm….James works ( or was working last year ) at Clifton golf range and, as well as being a personal fitness trainer, is also a golf pro…Mark has been working with him for a while now on his game . Can’t claim to be mates with either of them but i’m sure they get on well….

  11. awesome vid Mark, would be nice to know what your target’s are off the tee, adjusted for impossible recoveries/trouble etc, what yardage do you aim at the flag or just at the green etc

  12. I agree with Matthew Poulton, Mark is recognisbly harsh to James. Considering that James isn’t a proffesional, he is far better than Mark. ‘Its such a week ball flight’, this is better suited towards Marks flight, not James’s. By the way, nice out of bounds Mark, you let the Covert users down….

  13. Matthew Poulton Reply May 24, 2013 at 2:22 am

    Has anyone noticed how much of a dick Mark is when he’s actually playing?




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  15. What’s with the thick grip on your putter?

  16. Do a video of a full 18 holes or 9 holes and just show the shots with a short commentary, i think you talk a bit too much where you could be playing more shots

  17. What does James play off? How many shots do you give him?

  18. Great to see you playing, instead if being in your little room ;-)