Golf – Ernie Els – How To Build A Classic Swing


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Perfect Golf Swing Techniques - Spine Tilt patterns1 by EA Tischler

EA Tischler is the founder of the New Horizons Golf Approach and has self published 18 golf instructional books and is currently working on a series entitled…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Golf – Ernie Els – How To Build A Classic Swing”

  1. How do you get rid of those hieroglyphics at the bottom of the screen hiding Ernie’s hands!

  2. You’re right but I think I prefer ‘huge brain’

  3. You gave me a laugh but he says “trained his huge frame” :)

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  5. At 17:00: “Look how Ernie has trained his huge brain…” What!? Ha ha ha. Who put that in the script!

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    Very nice video
    Thanks for posting it

  7. Nice. I had this on video back in the day….

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  9. Thanks for posting…. Awesome video wouldn’t have found it otherwise

  10. Ernie has a magical swing very rhythmical etc. I prefer a more neutral grip where I take the club straight back re square to square and not rotate the club face but of course do not have his incredible timing. If it works for you that is the only answer. Probably the nicest swing to look at though Freddie Couples is nice too!!

  11. Back when Ernie swung it more like a Foley student. Proof positive that Foley is the new savant. Now–if Tiger could just quit being a nine year old!

  12. thank you for posting! the book is wonderful too.

  13. regarding teaching, Paul Wilson is better :)
    search ” Ernie Els: Learn From Ernie Els Golf Swing “

  14. “lets see if it works” :)

  15. Really good explanation of spine tilt. Especially the effect forward tilt has on the shoulder turn & path – great video. Thanks for sharing!

  16. This was helpful. The secondary tilt is a concept that I had never been tought. I was taught a move that made me automatically do this, but it is good to know the reasoning behind it.

  17. I wanted him to hit a ball using all the tilts so we could see the result of the different tilts, great video tho

  18. CaptainAndrewWiggins Reply October 2, 2013 at 12:44 am

    great information simply great. brilliant. thanks for the upload. i’ve watched x10 videos on this topic on youtube this is absolutely the best most informative by a long way.

    now for the application: any ideas on how to actually do it during the golf swing?

  19. I just watched the video again and reread tischlers reply to my question and it all clicked for me. S and T´érs don´t have secondary tilt at address. In fact, stack and tilt might be considered blasphemy by many golfers who have been worshipping at the temple of hogan for the last 60 years.
    When EA talks about “bumping the hips” to drop the downswing plane that is pure hogan technique. Indeed,that was a central idea in hogans book.

  20. your style of elaborately explaining the various ways of doing the same thing is superb. it gives me a far deeper and more memorable understanding of the mechanics and makes it easier to practice and convert into reality

  21. I dont think so since you can simply rotate your spine or shoulders on the axis of the spine to get trailing hand further out than the leading hand. Since your spine is bent forward, rotating will result in your trailing shoulder dropping lower and your leading shoulder raising up … which might well feel like your spine is tilting without it actually being the case.

  22. rw5791, that is a generally accepted belief, however it is not absolute. The shoulders can tilt without the spine actually producing secondary tilt. The spine can bend or the shoulders can just tilt. Also it depends on where the golfer positions the head and weight distribution. You can move your head, sternum and weight forward and level your shoulders out without creating secondary tilt at address. Stack & Tilt is a system that minimizes all/most secondary tilt at address.

  23. doesn’t there have to be some degree of secondary tilt at address just by the way the right hand is under the left hand on the grip?

  24. Thanks Kausmile, good luck with your improvements.

  25. Good explaination, this explained why I sometimes swing over the top despite having a proper spine tilt!