Golf Instruction – Chipping


Golf Instruction - Chipping

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Perfect Golf Swing - Build A Body Controlled Stroke.mpg

EA Tischler is the founder of the New Horizons Golf Approach and has self published 18 golf instructional books and is currently working on a series entitled…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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23 Responses to “Golf Instruction – Chipping”

  1. When chipping how far do u open your stance?

  2. @2008Randomness Hahaha that just made my day ^

  3. I was told by PGA pro that you should always flip your wrists when chipping
    this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about plus weight should be on
    right foot with spine 36 degrees.

  4. Practice does not make perfect. It makes permanent. Practicing will allow
    you to consistenly repeat what you learned yourself. So it better be good
    what you are practicing :)

  5. he was aiming at the hole with the flag that’s located a little bit further
    than the one you see without a flag. Probably didnt make the shot but it go
    in that direction.

  6. excellent videos. i have just started playing golf and im sure this will

  7. 36 degrees? Guess I better bring my protractor next time I’m out playing…

  8. I’ve seen pros do this but never seen the posture broken down in succinct
    steps. Very helpful. Hey Lubin! How about posting a video of good training

  9. I think you should redo this video. I watched it 5 times and your LEFT
    shoulder is higher than your right every time. I tried the left shoulder
    low suggestion you make and it is very uncomfortable.

  10. Just change irons. A chipped 8 goes a little further than a chipped 9. Take
    the irons to the pracice area and find out how far each of them run with
    the same chipping action.

  11. Great videos, John. Thank you. You nailed a couple mistakes I was making.
    Noticeably improved last time at the range just by making little

  12. great information thanks alot!

  13. You sound like my gym teacher…

  14. He say practice does’nt make perfect but Gary Player one of the best
    golfers ever said that practice makes perfect . So who are you going to
    listen, Gary or John?

  15. 5 videos and he only hits the balls twice! chip shots nonetheless. dammit.
    solid videos. very comprehensive. thank you for that.

  16. Jonathan Kazanovicz Reply February 4, 2014 at 11:33 pm

    Its hard to tell but he is in fact leaning forward. You can’t really see
    because he is leaning forward and at an angle

  17. Thanks for the tips!!! Incredible diffrence and for that, the game is more
    enjoyable!!! Thanks again!!!!

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  19. TheNYgolfer, thanks for your compliment.

  20. Great drill…

  21. good shot,since having a shoulder injury i have lost my swing with the
    irons, woods are ok, but rubbish with the irons,i hope your tips will help
    me recover,been almost 3 months,cheers,jon.

  22. Without a doubt this is the best explanation of the body controlled swing I
    have ever seen, Nice job :)

  23. That guy on the range is taking some crazy divots!