Golf Lesson Video: Advanced Swing Techniques


This golf lesson video teaches golfers a number of specialized swings, many of which are used by PGA tour golfers. This video features the Dream Swing, an in…
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15 Responses to “Golf Lesson Video: Advanced Swing Techniques”

  1. This is the most pathetical training aid I’ve ever seen ! Are there some idiots out there buying that shit ?

  2. I would beat this guy, with my fist.

  3. Have been using for a few weeks and it is best trainig swing aid that in 40 years I have used. You take it away properly, get to the perfect position at the top, start down correctly and most importantly makes you finish. It does not get simplier.

  4. I took one swing with one and the connection between the club and the machine broke!

  5. ROFL!

  6. what a finish lol

  7. im takin up my mother in laws lmao

  8. this is whacked

  9. This is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. Can you imagine showing up to the driving range and sticking this thing in the ground? This MUST be a joke…

  10. Spunkey Mcdermott Reply August 14, 2013 at 6:46 pm


  11. I wonder how many people have bought this thing haha

  12. i could beat this guy

  13. what aload of old bollocks

  14. haha ridiculous

  15. could be the worst thing i have ever heard