Golf Lessons for Beginners : Golf Swinging Techniques for Beginners


Learn how to swing a golf club and get tips on proper golf swinging form and techniques in this free online beginners golf video lesson. Expert: Ken Portnoy …
Video Rating: 2 / 5

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15 Responses to “Golf Lessons for Beginners : Golf Swinging Techniques for Beginners”

  1. ROFL. Expert Village is an epic fail..

  2. This isn’t chess.

  3. this guys an idiot. i’d own your shit bitch. it looks like its the third
    time he’s ever touched a golf club… and he’s swinging in his house. haha

  4. Hey Ken. You should get off the stage, you´re no golf pro. You turn people
    off from visiting their pros. You are doing a dis-service to the teaching

  5. You have a good swing for a 36 handicap

  6. Im only a beginner,but shouldnt he be using a driver?

  7. I forgot the word WORST, thank you very much. lol

  8. this is a very good lesson on how to hit fat and thin shots.

  9. WTF is this crap. Is this a joke? I would like to play this guy in a match,
    destroy him like 10&8 and then call myself an expert because I beat a 36
    HCP. Stick with chess, Ken

  10. Ken… your stance is too wide, and your left elbow is a mess. However, I
    did enjoy the tip about balance being so important. Thank you sir.

  11. this is garbage. Go to clemshaw.

  12. Is this for real!!!! LOL Expert village lost all credibility in my books.

  13. Ken, this has to be the golf lesson ever. Thank you.

  14. look at his wrists.. he is a joker..

  15. weight stays on the right leg until impact, then is transferred to the left
    during the follow through. fail …