Golf Putting Technique

Golfing Techniques

Drive for show, putt for dough. You can drive it straight off the tee, hit solid strikes with the irons, and play the short game like Phil, but none if it matters much if you end a round with filled with 2 putt holes, and maybe even a few 3 putt holes sprinkled in.

Putts can easily comprise up to 40% of the shots you’ll hit in a given round so its important to make them count. Fortunately, for many people, improving your  putting can be the easiest way to shave strokes off your game.

Don’t get too concerned with club type or brand. You don’t need the latest Taylor Made or Scotty Cameron putter from the recent Hot List. Putting is all about feel, so just go with what feels right. If that 30 year old Northwestern putter feels fine, go with it.  If you want to wrap a broom handle on it to extend the length so you can anchor it in your teeth, do it!

Putting is also the only part of golf where you can get away with pretty much whatever grip you feel comfortable with. Don’t worry about being too open, to closed, pointing v’s. Dominant hand up, down, sideways, upside down…doesn’t matter. Just enjoy the fact that its probably the only golf swing where you can actually grip the club in what seems like the most natural position to you.

However, your freedom to experiment pretty much ends with the grip. You still need a solid swing that follows a few basic principles to be consistent with the short stick.

Mark the Ball: When the ball is on the green, marking can be done. Rules of golf say that you should not lift the ball anywhere on the ground but the green. Marking is done by placing a coin or a marker behind the ball before lifting it. Marking allows you to lift the ball and clean up to ensure that it goes into the hole without any obstruction.

Study the Green: Studying the green gives you a confidence to play the putt. It is not necessary that the surface is always flat while you play the putt. Sometimes, you have to putt down the hill or up to the hill. The correct judgment of a slope will win you the hole. The power must be adjusted at the same time.

For this purpose, crouch behind the ball and study the slope and distance of the pathway to the hole.

Stance: Stand upright, slightly bent over. Keep it squared, just like a normal golf shot.

Give or take a bit, keep shoulder-length distance between your legs. Ensure that the direction you are standing in won’t force you to bend your swing.

Grip: There are multiple options available for gripping; however, you must choose the grip position that suits your hands and playing style. While gripping, you must assert the right pressure to make sure that it is not too loose or too rigid.

Pendulum Swing: How big of a swing you have is an important aspect of putting. Pendulum swing is a term referred to the swing which moves like a pendulum. You should not jab the ball just because the hole is near; there has to be a proper swing.

Practice Swing: Even on the ‘damn, thats almost a gimme!’ putts, take at least 1 practice stroke.  As always, practice with a purpose, so make sure your practice stroke mimics the exact line and length of swing as you want for the final shot.

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