Golf Short Game Tips: How Having a Proper Golf Grip and Golf Weight Can Improve Your Golf Trajectory


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15 Responses to “Golf Short Game Tips: How Having a Proper Golf Grip and Golf Weight Can Improve Your Golf Trajectory”

  1. Hi again Ted, thanks – just saw your response and it makes perfect sense – again easy to follow and I like the attention on the landing spot
    Play well

  2. The feeling on these small chips and pitches is that the club and arms are swinging under the chest and shoulders. If the bottom of the arc is set up in front of the ball in advance, extra motion is not needed to make solid contact. Great question, jericho574, and I hope this explanation makes sense.

  3. This set up is actually very good for full swings if you need to keep the ball low as when punching out from under trees. In most short game shots, I don’t need a weight shift forward to the target to create speed or distance. In fact, speed should be controlled by not shifting forward until the weight of the arms and club passing through impact toward the target pulls the weight forward.

  4. Hello jericho574. Yes, striking the ball first is desired on almost all shots. In the full swing, we want to create club head speed with the lower body shifting and rotating forward which will move the bottom of the swing arc just ahead of the ball. Just setting or having the upper body ahead will not cause an over the top swing. It is the sequence of starting the forward swing with the upper body first that can create an over the top swing.

  5. I know this is a shortgame video but striking the ball first in pretty universal. Would this work with full shots as well? I ask because wouldn’t having your upper body forward causes over the top swings? Thanks

  6. So your head and sternum should be slightly in front of the ball…right where you want the club to reach the bottom of its arc. And don’t “look” behind or at the ball…”think” of your landing spot and the target.

  7. Because there is minimal lower body movement in the short game, the bottom of the arc is set with your upper body…shoulders, chest, sternum…this is where your arms hang. If you put your head back, that will pull your sternum back. So to answer your question, the head should stay right on top of your sternum and between your shoulders. If you want weight on your left side, thighs, hips, shoulders and head should ALL move over there.

  8. Hello again, Colm. Here is part of your answer. The head is a relatively very heavy part of the body. Our head has been put between our shoulders and above our sternum for a reason…balance. So when you put and keep your head back, much of your weight will stay back…causing fat or thin shots. Also, if you “look” at a spot behind the ball, that is where your energy will go. On most short game shots, we want the club head striking the ball before reaching the bottom of its arc.

  9. Great video Ted, thank you for being so clear and “simple”
    I have been told before that if I “look” at a spot just behind the ball, with weight forward but head “back” and staying behind the ball. I have had success with this but still hit some fats, so will be taking your tips to the practice area but just wondered if you would let me have your thoughts/comments about head position please
    many thanks from UK

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  12. nice vid,if you guys ever consider an ebook on simple golf swings check this out,it will help alot

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  14. We should’nt be worrying about the pro’s, in the “How to Golf Swing” blog, one is clearly taught that their DNA is wired differently. For us normal people it only takes 3 things to be able to play descent golf, namely: Consistency, Reducing the slice and increasing your distance.

  15. his theory is to play so much that you turn your sucking into being good