Golf Shot Tips : How to Hit Fairway Woods


Golf Shot Tips : How to Hit Fairway Woods

How to hit with fairway woods involves a bit of trust and some practice. Discover the secret behind hitting with fairway woods with advice from an experience…
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24 Responses to “Golf Shot Tips : How to Hit Fairway Woods”

  1. conan the barbarian grrrrr

  2. feet?

  3. Why the hell is his glove on the wrong hand?

  4. That shot looked weak as fuck

    What kind of crap video was this to begin with.
    Watch mike breed on golf channel instead

  5. Hey, Conan, if there is any other video that you could make, it should be on the stances and grips and swings of each of the clubs individually for best results. If possible, you could also throw in a description of the feel you should have when you hit it and about how far they are supposed to hit… Thanks, though, your videos are awesome!

  6. Yes,Yes i do

  7. No, no you dont.

  8. I’m 12 years young and i hit my FW about 228 the reason i know that is because i go to a simulator every week to keep up on my progress

  9. and we need a golf ball. no fucking shit!!!!!

  10. The materials needed part of these videos are kind of stupid. Very self explanatory.

  11. his back swing is at 1 o’clock………

  12. Sweeping instead on hitting up or down…. Very true, I have always felt the same way but not many instructors seem to mention this.

  13. The best swing won’t do shit without the proper set-up before the swing. 

  14. Not as disappointing as your lack of a comma or a period, moron.

  15. AllOverTheWorld44 Reply April 23, 2013 at 1:14 am

    i had everything i needed except for the place to practice.. damnit

  16. So the trick is trust…. Fuckin hell no its to have a good swing which you said fuck all about very disappointing video compared to the others

  17. MercurialSpeedPure Reply April 23, 2013 at 1:57 am

    looks like his shot went 20 yards

  18. Where’s dat wascally wabbit?

  19. @billandyeng its because he may get blisters on his right hand and the glove prevents that. @tomsmith100 is just an ass

  20. to acually swish….. thats wat she said

  21. I have seen his other videos and I think he’s left-handed.

  22. Because he is a moron.

  23. why’s he wearing right hand glove and play right-handed???

  24. And now I’m goin deer hunting.