Golf Shot Tips : How to Use a Pitching Wedge


Using a pitching wedge is different than some of the other clubs in your bag and requires a less full swing and more control. Learn how to use a pitching wed…
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7 Responses to “Golf Shot Tips : How to Use a Pitching Wedge”

  1. Fantastic video, just as good as having a pro on the coure, he knows all
    the common mistakes made.

  2. he likes a lot of wrist action lol

  3. @Suzette0662 he’s just the best. clear concise … broken in a few steps

  4. I love this guy. Great instruction, I’m on about my 10th clip.

  5. ChiTownDoubleUp23 Reply March 7, 2014 at 4:09 pm

    so you can see the wrist action better?

  6. Thank You! This will really help my game

  7. is he ambidextrous