Golf Swing – Driving Tip


PGA Professional Andy Proudman shows a simple driver set up drill to help your driving accuracy…

This may very well be the best tip you will ever receive…
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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6 Responses to “Golf Swing – Driving Tip”

  1. Looking forward to trying this out. Off to the range now. Cheers

  2. I tried this today at the range and I was surprised at how well I hit the
    ball. Everything went straight with good distance.

  3. Very true, easy to get bogged down in all the videos on youtube saying do
    this do that. But not all rules will work between people who are 14 inches
    different in height and 30 years apart in age. 

  4. Lool meaning f*** my rivals are stood right here like im giving away the key

  5. I’ll give you my wife if this helps eliminate my slice.

  6. Nick Faldo to 4 time us Open winner Ben Hogan; N – “How do you win the Open
    (US)? BH – “Shoot the lowest score.” As told by Nick Faldo.