Golf Swing Spine Angle and Swing Plane


Golf Swing Spine Angle and Swing Plane

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24 Responses to “Golf Swing Spine Angle and Swing Plane”

  1. Fantastic!! Mark been using this drill with my 10 year old son!!! so good

  2. Very helpful
    Love the app also!

  3. Very important video.Great.Thanks

  4. hi mark this exact what my pro was showing me last week keeping your spine
    angle he played twice in the british open twice once jack nicklaus was the
    four ball in front the great john jacobs tought my pro 

  5. Mark – from all the golfers out there who struggle on a daily basis but
    desperately want to improve thank you for all your efforts and lessons.
    They have helped me get from a 21 handicap last year down to currently 10.
    Once again this video has helped me, particularly belt buckle to ball so
    simple and so easy to understand. Hopefully can break single figures next
    year. Cheers Mark !!

  6. my pro teacher is telling me to stay away from your lessons while Im
    learning from her, is she right or wrong, I feel I get more info from your
    channel though

  7. Rhino Fivepointfive Reply February 19, 2014 at 6:01 pm

    Great video, this is what I have been doing to a slightly less degree, I am
    going to get going on the drill straight away. Keep up the good work!! Wish
    my pro could have helped this much

  8. I really enjoy all the videos from you. Great advice.

  9. kasper kjærsgaard Reply February 19, 2014 at 6:54 pm

    Gotta love how Mark explains the topisk so annonce Can understand them!!
    Thank you Marc

  10. Chill guys the android app will be out when it is out, if it comes out

  11. Mark – your videos are great and covers exactly what my pro is trying to
    teach me. I struggle with spine angle and high ball flight – id love you to
    take a look at my swing and get your thoughts. Excellent work Mark. Nick

  12. i like you

  13. Thank you I never realize my belt buckle was pointing so far above the ball
    rather than down at the ball. One thing though by doing this my club head
    is more toe up ! can you give me any thoughts on this Mark plz xx

  14. Shoulders forward of your toes but your backside will push behind your
    heels. This gives a balanced posture onto the balls of your feet.

  15. The thought of getting my belt buckle pointing down towards the ball at
    address really helped me today at the range. My shots improved immediately.
    As always with these things one has to hope it keeps working and wasn’t
    another false dawn for me, but thanks for a great video, Mark! Really like
    your videos, both content and presentation are top notch!

  16. Great Video. Glad today is a lovely warms summers day, in comparison to
    that cold muggy day in November’11 when the video was shot

  17. @MrJhill76 correct

  18. @grantbolton great thanks fro sending in the video and let me know how you
    go in a months time.

  19. Great videos Mark, but where’s the Android app?!

  20. That’s me on the left :0)

  21. Hi Mark.. your videos on club reviews and swing fixes are always fun to
    watch..thanks..Im no expert but I feel that in this Video – you are
    maintain the spine angle even after the extension (post impact)..doesnt
    that put a lot of unnecessary stress on the back..shouldnt one rather
    finish in a more upright position?

  22. Hi Mark I’m player 2. Great video. Tried it at the range last night it
    feels completely different, really feel like I’m stretching a lot more and
    feeling the muscles today. Hit my first proper golf shots last night :O For
    me this is probably the most important fundamental, weight shift and spine
    angle, hips make sense now. Love the videos thanks.

  23. Hi Mark… Can’t get enough of your vids. They’re superb. Smart,
    informative and, you young man are very engaging. Love your on-course vids
    too. Invite me to play please, or come to Beijing for a round or too.
    Cheers, B

  24. Hello my name is Mark and I hit whatever the fuck I want.