Golf Swing Tips : How to Fix a Golf Swing Slice – Fantastic advice!

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20 Responses to “Golf Swing Tips : How to Fix a Golf Swing Slice – Fantastic advice!”

  1. Holy Crap Mark!!!! You just helped me more than anybody else has ever been able to. I’ve had a problem with my driver for the last 2 months or so with slicing. Just by watching you I know I’m laying my driver flat like you say; I can just see it and feel it in my mind as I type. I am going to the range right now and I’m going to do exactly what you just taught. YOU ROCK!!!!!!

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  3. Ho-ly-sh$t. I’ve been golfing for three years and haven’t been able to understand why my naturally flat backswing causes me to finish too low(chicken wing) on the follow through. This is the ONLY information I have found that explains how hinging the wrists flat in the backswing will cause them to unhinge flat, cutting across the ball and finishing low. Most helpful information I’ve found regarding my particular problem and I’ve taken 10 lessons. Thanks again. Solid.

  4. I have the exact same issue. I have always struggled with a bad bow at the top and newer managed to get this more steep angle in the backswing.
    I have started to roll my wirst more in the backswing as this clip shows. Is there any drill that forces you to make the correct steep backswing instead of the flat?

  5. Hey guys i’ve just uploaded a video of my swing onto my channel, and would love any feedback/advice! Be sure to check it out

  6. hes like… a wee golfing nerd

  7. why don’t you just take videos of yourself its so easy to diagnose problems in your swing when you view it externally

  8. I have a terrible casting issue however still swing 130mph, wanna help me fix it and win a long drive comp?

  9. Consistently some of the best and most understandable golf advice on the web. Great work, Mark.

  10. David, Have to disagree. If you swing inside out the club head will not be directly in line with the intended target, it will be slightly open, relying on hand speed to turn the club over bringing the ball back on the target line. What you’re describing happens most with flat swings as there’s not enough club head speed. The hook from going over the top, the cut from sliding across. The tip here is a variant of the “square to square” method taught in the 1970′s. Payne Stewart used it.

  11. Thanks for the drill. I was noticing that if I stop my back swing at parallel, I hit the ball straight. This should help me get to a full backswing without the wrist rollover which is killing my swing.

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  13. So glad I seen this helped me straight away. Low hooks or pulls were killing me and this is exactly what I was doing wrong and the remedy required. Thanks

  14. great tip thanks

  15. Great tip Mark, have a similar problem (I think), will experiment with that drill, see if my drives improve. Rob. rives

  16. haha nice titleist…i mean muzuno driver ;) all seriousnes great vids.. you’ve taught me how to play golf and I am in New Zealand so in theory I couldn’t get any further away from ya and you’ve helped me to a 5 handicap cheers champ

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  18. good drill mark. thanks

  19. great vids man good job on not making them boring as most people tend to do on here! the key to being a good teacher is to keep it intresting and obv being well informed good job!!!
    may not mean much coming from me tho lol

  20. doesn’t matter how fast your swing speed is. if it’s a full swing, you want your clubface to be looking the direction your club is moving at the moment of impact. If it’s open, it will peel off right. Closed, it will hook. Most important is to be aware of contact on the face.  Centered strikes. Toe hits will tend to hook, heel hits will tend to cut, regardless of how well your path and face match. Focus on solid contact.