Golf Swing Tips : How to Hit a Golf Ball Farther


There are many factors that contribute to hitting a golf ball farther, the main one being how square you hit the ball. Discover how to hit the ball farther w…
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How to Correctly Hit a Hybrid from the Fairway

Hitting a Hybrid from the fairway is easy. Learn the correct techniques for using this club correctly. Visit for more golf tips.

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27 Responses to “Golf Swing Tips : How to Hit a Golf Ball Farther”

  1. Very nice Conan, benign teacher ! I have become a quick fan!!
    Best regards

  2. There is no such thing as centrifugal force.

  3. I am again soooo pleased with your video, thanks a lot. Are you also teaching in Europe?
    We would love to have a clinic from you. Thanks a lot for your answer.

  4. that first shot lol

  5. farther???

  6. “Using my big muscles” lolol

  7. Conan is a legend, i have found these very very clear, concise and he’s not a bore like most tutors on youtube,,

  8. Mathieu-Félix Légaré Reply October 28, 2013 at 4:44 pm

    For more Tips and quick fixes, visit:
    golfswingtipsblog. com

  9. Hey now that its been a year hows your swing? I’m just curious because im working on my swing.

  10. If you want to hit your golf drives even longer, Google Worlds Hottest Drivers.

  11. Nicely explained and helpful!

  12. Your videos are simply awesome. Thank you!

  13. hes aiming that way

  14. You have a beautiful swing…can you comment my swing please!

  15. Very informative. Thanks for sharing the knowledge!

  16. @Ramdizzle, if you look at his set-up angles that was a pretty straight shot….camera angle is deceptive

  17. lol in both of your videos i see you hit a HUGE pull

  18. I used to hate the 5 iron with a passion. So I went to range and got a 150 ball bucket and hit nothing but the 5. By the end of that session I was in love with the 5.

  19. Golf tip; You want more distance? Hit the ball and walk backwards

  20. I love my iron 5..

  21. I wish these guys would get together and get a consistent for of instruction. The last two videos I saw recommended hitting down on the ball like an iron rather than sweeping. I’ve taken a poll on a busy day at the range asking “hit down or sweep with hybrids.” I got 31 hit downs and 26 sweeps. And they all make the hybrid sound like the greatest thing ever. Quite frankly, my experience with the hybrid over the last three years has been very checkered.

  22. I hate my 5 iron

  23. I get such a charge out of the experts who tell you how to hit a hybrid: fifty percent say sweep it like a fairway wood, fifty percent say hit down like an iron. Recently I took an unofficial poll among the golfers at my local range: 23 sweeps, 32 hit downs! Well, that’s certainly definitive, isn’t it! I’ve not found this club to be the cure for all ills that it is presented as, but after a lot of work at the range , I get better results hitting down with it like a mid iron.

  24. Totally wrong do not hit up on a hybrid!

  25. most instruction i’ve seen online on hitting the hybrid suggests to play the shot like swinging a 6/5/4 iron and hitting slightly down and thru, not up forwards like a faiway wood.

  26. That’s not where I play a fairway wood in my stance, that’s way back

  27. that is true of most clubs…not my Taylor Made Burner 2.0 irons….5 is the same head as the PW….just different loft and lie….my 5 hits like the 9 yet the distance is long