Golf Tip: 3 Mental Tips to Improve Your Play


LPGA teaching pro, Lisa Ann Horst, discusses 3 powerful mental strategies to improving your performance.

In golf, the swing and a proper follow-through should be the goal, as opposed to merely making contact with the ball. Learn about turning to finish a golf sw…

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11 Responses to “Golf Tip: 3 Mental Tips to Improve Your Play”

  1. It mean” think that ball on the club face since start of the backswing ,isn’t it “

  2. I like this video very much, the concept of swinging the golf club, with the ball on the club face is absolutely great, I am sure that this changes the shape of a swing. thanks for taking the time to make this video.

  3. Haha, often say to myself “there is no ball” as I start my swing. Seems there’s method in that.
    I like the idea of visualising the ball stuck to the face. I’ll be trying that. Thanks!

  4. Kåre Marius Lunde Reply July 18, 2013 at 4:20 pm

    Very very good

  5. To help the student, he swings right handed. He is actually left handed. Pretty damn good right handed swing if u ask me.

  6. great mental tip, never heard this before

  7. great idea, i’ll try this

  8. same here, changed my view of the swing instantly

  9. you have an awful swing..

  10. I like your thoughts here, especially on the golf ball being on your club. Keep up the good video’s

  11. I like this concept.