Golf Tip: Pitching; Chris Toulson


CHRIS TOULSON demonstrates pitching basics including set up, wrist hinge, turning of the body and finish position Chris Toulson: Director of Instruction Chri…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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17 Responses to “Golf Tip: Pitching; Chris Toulson”

  1. pmb.
    This lesson is great. Can not wait to try and go low….please provide lesson on chipping..keep it simple like this one.

  2. I wish that all golf instruction videos were this good…concise, easy to understand, and full of goodies for me to go work on. Well done Chris…and thanks.

  3. Great lesson, he knows his stuff!!!

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  5. Yeah !
    I looked some videos of you. You’re videos helped me in two cases : First i learn to understand english(i’m from Germany) Second i helped me on the “golf-side”.
    I’m 13 and my handicap is 7. That’s okay :) I hope that i can go in the 11th class to America to play on so nice courses like you.


  6. Hi Christopher,
    Great video.Maybe I misunderstood so I watched your video over and over, and there is a small amount of body movement and therefore weight shift away, plus your spine angle is leaning slightly away from the target. I tried this, and it worked, my shoulder turn was much better and I felt freer, plus hit some much better soft pitches. So why do you say there is no weigt shift when I believe your video shows there is, even if it it is very slight?


  7. Clear and articulate instruction.Just like Jim McLean himself.

  8. healthnut4life48 Reply March 17, 2013 at 2:12 am

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  9. Great instructor. Articulate and easy to understand.

  10. Great video!!

  11. chris, how many yards are you pitching in this video? about 35 yards???
    thanks for the video

  12. can somebody please explain me the importance of the resistance or hold in the followthrough?

  13. Well done Chris. Extremely effective, concise lesson. Has improved my somewhat dodgy chipping enormously and given me a level of confidence with these shots that I have not had since I was a kid. I have shot two sub-par rounds in the last 3 weeks and the tip, for sure, saved me 3 or 4 shots. I also think that your point that pitching is a “mini golf swing” helped also. Improved my turn through impact and I hit a lot more fairways off the tee than is usual for me. A rare gem. 4 handicap. Thanks

  14. Honestly their are so many different pitch and chip techniques, because it is supposed to be a miniature form of your full swing. If you have read harvey penicks little red book, he said that if you have little time to practice before playing than you should chip and pitch, because it should be the same technique of your full swing. So i would suggest if your having trouble just try pitching and chipping with your full swing technique, but with just a different setup. This always works for me.

  15. waitt. shouldnt i have the ball on my right foot.

  16. Nice Drill thanks for the tip!!

  17. An old golf buddy of mine (pro) has a pretty good program out guaranteed to get ya under 80. golferbreak80dotcom