Golf Tip: Putting Techniques


Golf Tip: Putting Techniques

Follow some of the tips presented in this video and you will become a better putter. For more, visit
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http// Shawn Clement, Director of the Richmond Hill Golf Learning Centre and top 25 CPGA Teaching Professional as rated by Score Gol…
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16 Responses to “Golf Tip: Putting Techniques”

  1. Hi Shawn, is the putter square at your sternum if you have right hand lower
    on the grip than left? You have a very even grip on the putter of the
    capital Y shape. So understanding what you do about the putter curve should
    I play the ball a bit forward?

  2. Hey Alex; Sorry for the delay! Go see a reputable fitter who is also a PGA
    instructor; he will tell you; Shawn

  3. It is on my list! Now I have to get the time…:) This september I should
    get enough reprieve to get out there and do a couple for you guys! Shawn

  4. the putting arc training aid aint that great. type in ‘brian manzella
    sherrif’ into youtube for the best putting training aid ever

  5. If anchoring the putter was such an advantage wouldn’t everyone be doing it?

  6. the practise strokes are perfect’ On the struck putts the follow through
    goes inside then the then the toe is pushed away from the body, I think
    this is a side effect of the detour putter that causes a player to cut
    across the ball too much in my opinion it is a poorly designed putter.
    Because… The line on the putter is for aLINEment before the stroke and
    helps get the blade square when you putt you should look at the ball to
    keep your head as still as possible not the putter!

  7. Hi Shawn, Thank you for all your help. I find I tend to put better with a
    heavier putter around 360 gr. Newport style do you have thoughts on putter
    head weights? You might talk a little about toe hang and face balanced. For
    those who go out shopping. We but the putter in the store that sinks puts
    the problem is it sunk puts that day and that day only!

  8. yep; there is no rule against pre setting the backswing…Shawn

  9. Hey Jon; exactly! As long as your body is in a balanced posture and the
    arm-club unit is hanging in balance from the shoulders, all you need to do
    is allow the momentum of your stroke to swing back and through in the
    direction you want the ball to go; like tossing a soft ball or a horse
    shoe, which are also tossed on an arc, there is no manipulation required!
    Simply let the putt go!

  10. I like the way you use the frindge to highlight your natural back and
    through arch..

  11. Thanks for the video Shawn, I am a right handed player but i have my left
    hand on the bottom and leading in my putting stroke, I would like do know
    if you have tried the long putters, and whats the benefits/disadvantages of
    them, Right now I am using a putter that is about the same as a mini golf
    putter Ekk..

  12. Hey laceymania! I don’t plumb bob as it is not really accurate with the
    putters most people use; if you want the best ways to find the break, see
    “the putting zone” with Geoff Mangum; he has developed some fantastic ways
    to aim the putter, read the greens, and find the right speed for your
    putts; check out his website and get his e-book; Shawn

  13. Hey Crazymama! Have a look at my “golf pro lesson putt grip” video and you
    will see that your interlocking grip is not too far away from the double
    overlapping grip that many PGA tour players use; Thanks for the question!

  14. Hi Shawn, Many thanks from Australia for all your great videos. I would
    appreciate your comments/video regarding the use of the long putter?

  15. oki, thanks:D

  16. Hi Shawn, enjoy your vid’s. Got a putting question. Straight line vs Arc
    putting. On the arc there will only be one small point on the arc where the
    putter is square to the target, whereas straight line putting it’s always
    straight, so what’s the advantage of one over the other, also do you try
    and keep your eyes over the ball whichever way you use. Regards James