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A handicap is a numerical measure of an amateur golfer’s ability to play golf over the course of 18 holes. Handicaps can either be applied for stroke play competition or match play competitions. In either a match or stroke play competition a handicap represents the number of strokes above par that a player will achieve on an average day. In stroke play competitions, the competitor’s handicap is subtracted from their total gross score at the end of the round to calculate a net score.

Calculating a handicap is difficult but it is the representative of a player’s previous above average rounds. Legislation regarding the calculation of handicaps differs among countries. The hardest holes on the course receive the most handicap strokes, with the easiest holes receiving the least handicap strokes.

Handicaps can be improved when the player pays complete attention to the shot. This helps to dedicate the top stroke which evidently decreases the golfer’s handicap. Deciding the decent shot to be played is also essential. Depending on the course and the standing of the ball, the golfer has to understand the shot that they need to perform. Players should not perform a shot mainly because their competitors have played it.

Golfers also need to develop their short gaming tips on golf swings in order to reduce their handicap. Short games such as pitching, chipping and putting can greatly bring down a golfer’s handicap if they carry that out flawlessly. Once there is a need to handle these shots the golfer will have to be well skilled to produce a top shot. Long balls are profound, but the short games also play a considerable role on the score sheet. Other tips on this include gripping down on the longer clubs.

Fighting slow play is essential in developing good golfing skills.

A golfer has to be aware that he is slow. He can know this through being told by his friends. This habit can be fought by choosing the correct set of tees from which to play, for example a twenty handicapper should not play the championship tees. Doing so only adds strokes, which add time. Members of a group should not travel together as a pack with all members walking together to the first ball. Each member in a group should walk directly to his own ball. When two players are riding in a cart, it should be driven to the first ball and the first player should be dropped off with his choice of clubs. Another point is that the golfer should use the time that he spends getting to the ball to think about the next shot, and if the player is unsure of whether their ball has come to rest out of bounds a provisional ball should be hit so that the player does not have to return to the same spot to replay the shot.

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