Golf Tip: Swing Plane; Steve Bann


Learn how to identify whether your swing plane is correct Steven Bann: Instructor to PGA Tour Pros Stuart Appleby and K.J. Choi; Co-director of Bann Lynch Go…
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12 Responses to “Golf Tip: Swing Plane; Steve Bann”

  1. CaptainAndrewWiggins Reply October 26, 2013 at 2:44 pm

    how does freddie couples get away with going all over the place with his swing plane?

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  5. wow i thought this was Steve Kerr for a second

  6. Golfing machine 101 :) but just to show you that this rule is not carved in stone, there is one golfer whose butt end of the club never pointed at the plane line half way into the backswing. The butt of his club actually pointed to an area half way between the plane line and his toes.This golfer was not a bad player considering he violated many rules of golf that existed during his time. His name? Jack Nicklaus. Oh and throw Jim Furyk and Rori Sabatini in there too :)

  7. Daniel Colomar Dugo Reply October 26, 2013 at 6:07 pm

    he explains it, the arms go up and down, the body turns or pivot. to coordinate both things is the key, because the ball is out in front of you but it’s also down in the floor. the simpler the better and more repetitive. but never never turn your arms around your body or you’ll have to compensate from that position.

  8. 26 degree shoulder tilt on backswing and turn 55 degrees ( pga tour average) will get you on plane.

  9. Thanks , for simplifying the swing. How do I get your DVD. 

  10. ur probably a little Ott (Over The Top) which steve called it Out-to-In, trying taking the club a little outside on the way back, hit a few balls that way, then go back to your normal swing, and you’ll notice a difference, it helped me.

  11. no, its different for everyone because what you think you’re doing and what you are actually doing can be two separate things, your best bet is to get a teacher to get your swing sorted, and use that as a starting point – get the feel of that swing and as it becomes natural and comfortable – then begin improving it once its consistent

  12. so, I feel dumb asking this but, the golf swing is done by feeling yourself swinging in a circular motion around your body, or dragging the club straight back and up?