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Whether you are an amateur weekend golfer or a professional teeing it off with the big leagues, you would always want to be able to improve your game. One area that is often neglected but would give tremendous improvement in one’s game is his backswing. An incorrect posture or angle during a backswing could send your golf ball anywhere but to the place where you wanted it to be. So in order to improve your backswing, here are some golf backswing tips that might be able to help your game.

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Before you swing that club backwards, make sure that you’re stance is stable. Instability in your stance could lead to problems in your body alignment. It could also affect your aim and arm swing resulting to a ball going in the wrong direction as well as a poor hit and yardage.


It should not be forgotten that the actual purpose of your backswing is to provide power for the ball. In order to do this, it is recommended that you slowly move your club backwards following an imaginary straight line before the actually rising it. In doing this, you could carefully observe proper posture and positioning of your arms. Remember that your off arm should be fully extended and straight and that the only part of your arming that bends is your wrist.


Practice makes perfect. This may already be a cliché but this would still be a good advice. Constant practice will enhance muscle memory making the tips above a natural reaction of your body.

It would also help if you have a golf buddy or a video camera to tape your practice session so that you could see if you are doing and make adjustments if necessary.

These are just basic golf backswing tips. However, if followed properly, this could give your game significant improvement which will make your time in the golf course more enjoyable.

Click Here For Golf Secret Instant Access Now! – Please note I am not saying to hang back through the entire swing with the driver, what I am saying is, at the point of impact you will be behind the ball then post impact your body and club will bring you to your left side, finishing completely on your left foot. (for right handed golfers) Ron’s Passive Golf Method is about rotating the core of your body and following the eye line through the swing. Not only will you become more powerful, you will become much more consistent in your accuracy, based on the fact that you will no longer have to have impeccable hand and arm timing to try and square the clubface at impact with the hands and the arms. By using the core muscles you will not only deliver the club to the ball with power, your bigger muscles will allow the club to square to the ball by rotating through the ball versus what we all have a tendency to do which is swinging at the ball.

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