Golf Tips: Flop Shot Technique


Golf Tips: Flop Shot Technique

Golf Tips: Flop Shot Technique with Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach Andrew Reynolds. Learn how to create the right address position and swing to hit high, soft lan…
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Golf Tips: Chipping from Rough lesson from Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach Keith Williams. Here Keith looks at the technique required for chipping from thick rough…

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4 Responses to “Golf Tips: Flop Shot Technique”

  1. Great shot, loving the new adizero footwear too

  2. It all depends on the lie of the ball .. If it sits up in the grass the club goes directly under it.

  3. Any idea what you did wrong? I don’t play anywhere with rough like that so it’s not a shot I have to face. Is his advice no good, or are you swinging differently to the way he does? He sure looked to put a fair amount of power into his swing, I’d be worried about my “driving wedge” blasting it 150m off the leading edge of the club :-D

  4. And how many times have I done that and the ball goes up vertically and ends up on the fringe…