Golf Tips for Seniors – Hit it Longer

PinterestShare Golf tips for seniors, beginners and hackers using hustlers secret golf. To control your slice in golf, you need to realize what actuall…

Using a hybrid golf club requires a good understanding of what a hybrid club is in order to understand how to properly use it. Discover what a hybrid club is…
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19 Responses to “Golf Tips for Seniors – Hit it Longer”

  1. I’ve never seen a right handed golfer with a right handed glove…….Maybe
    that’s what I’ve been doing wrong all these years

  2. Conan.. no disrespect, we as avid players of the sport appreciate all tips
    here and there but clearly your demo shot was horrible and you shouldve
    re-shot the take. Lastly, you dont need to tell us we should have a ball
    and a club, and plugging your name “Conan” every 4 seconds doenst help
    either. Cheers mate !

  3. Nice Video, <3 it!

  4. He duffed it!

  5. sammy sosa swing maybe?

  6. last swing was in the ground

  7. That is exactly what I wanted to know about hybrid clubs – thanks very much!

  8. he is not telling you how to hit it like the PGA tour guys do

  9. Good tip, Conan. Hit it like a middle iron and the hybrid will get height
    and distance and accuracy.

  10. His swing looks good to the uneducated eye but flipping (hands behind
    clubhead at impact) is the biggest killer of power, accuracy and
    consistency in golf. Don’t buy hair tonic from a bald guy, Don’t take golf
    instruction from Flipper :)

  11. LOL….Okay, another one in the “hit down” category. You know, if you watch
    all the videos on hitting hybrids, you’ll get about fifty-fifty “hit down”
    to “sweep.” Some time ago, I took a poll of all the guys at the range. I
    got 23 “hit downs” and 21 “sweeps.” So, unable to get any help at all on
    this, I decided to get a large bucket of balls and hit half “down” and half
    “sweep.” I got much better and more consistent results hitting down. So,
    until someone proves otherwise, I’m a “downer.”

  12. I know Conan Elliott and he’s a good man and a skilled golf instructor. On
    the other hand, you are a punk with absolutely no class!

  13. I’ve never seen it either, i feel comfortable with my glove on my left hand!

  14. If you are afraid of lightning, hold up a 1-iron. Not even God can hit a

  15. I use a srixon titanium head hybrid, i place the head in middle and feet in
    allignment with handle grip, 95% of the time i hit it dead straight, high
    in loft, low spin and real far, 160m. Im just 12 :)

  16. Thanks Conan. I agree with cheetncat. 7 out of 10 internet comments are
    simply dumb and show why English is a tuff language to learn.

  17. hes a lefty. i would know cuz hes my coach

  18. sliced that shot along the ground lol

  19. that shoot was a total slice fatty, that not how to use a hybird, how much
    do you charge per lesson because your fucking crap pal