Golf Tips for the Down Swing


These golf tips are for how to start the down swing. If you can master this, you will hit the golf ball farther than you ever have. For more free golf tips, …
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12 Responses to “Golf Tips for the Down Swing”

  1. Good job, Chris.

  2. If your hands are falling straight down the wall your right elbow gets
    caught behind your right hip. The arms have to get out in front of you more
    to allow freedom of the right arm to extend at impact.

  3. This would be a very powerful shot using f.woods try this to believe….

  4. Hands are not in closed chain position when performing a golf swing, they
    are in open chain; therefore in my opinion no cigar.

  5. nice tip. good one. most do not understand the correct sequence.

  6. The point he is making is simple! Hips turn b4 shoulders, thus creating the
    right sequence of moves from the top of the backswing, essentially this
    will promote an inside attack on the golf ball ie. hips/legs clear the way
    for the shoulders/arms to attack the ball from the INSIDE!! thats were good
    golf is at and he’s definately using simple keys to teach ppl to achieve
    this ! Well Done !

  7. I get the same effect by think the downswing starts with trying to hit the
    parallel target line with the belt bucket. Thanks for the tip

  8. its all in the hips yeah

  9. very entertaining…Golf swing is not exactly what monkey see, what monkey
    do…We should understand the Neuro-activity as well.

  10. Wow, what a wonderful Tip + Exercise + Check. Easy to do plus a great
    reminder to lead with the hips. Super job! Thanks! (USA).

  11. nice spin out

  12. good tip mate, thank you. I practised this for a week and have been smoking
    my drives