Golf Tips – How To Hit A Sand Shot


In this clip Jay explains how to hit a sand shot from a greenside bunker by following 3 fundamental rules. This shot seems much harder than it actually is an…

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9 Responses to “Golf Tips – How To Hit A Sand Shot”

  1. vookkeeeeey

  2. You are the best teacher I have seen thus far. Thank you so much, not only
    for the sand, but for the accurate iron shots as well.

  3. really cool video, I thought it was great

  4. A quick well explained 2 minute lesson. Seems simple enough. I’ll give it a
    try and report back.

  5. I’m never gonna overshoot (and I mean OVERshoot) or undershoot (same thing)
    a sand bunker shot ever again………..

  6. Thanks!

  7. this helped a lot! Could you post a video on hitting high chip shots?

  8. Thanks man

  9. try mine !