Golf Tips : Quick video on proper grip


Golf Tips : How to Hit a Straight Golf Ball

Check out this short vid! It all starts with the grip!

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25 Responses to “Golf Tips : Quick video on proper grip”

  1. Wtf terrible.

  2. the best part of this vid was carrottop in the 15 sec ad in the beginning.

  3. John Carlo Albores Reply November 19, 2013 at 5:30 pm

    oh yeah … now i know how is the position of my hand, body, head and feet
    and i know now how to put force :D

  4. i guess this guy knows something jack nicklaus dosnt because he says to
    hold the club in the plam of your left hand. This guy is saying to hold it
    in your fingers. Never have heard that one before. lol

  5. haha he said shaft

  6. have u guys heard of going to a pga professional.. get coached

  7. Simple Golf Tips, Guaranteed to Lengthen Your Drive and Shave 7 Strokes.
    Check it here bit*ly/simple-golf-swing (please change * for .)

  8. thanks… for this!

  9. This video should be renamed “How to grip a golf club”

  10. you dont even have a good swing youself…..

  11. how to hit a straight golf ball?? are there gay ones? or bisexual ones? i’m
    confused now and i’m not going near a golfcourse….

  12. Talk slower

  13. …..

  14. @Desmeister644 i just said that because you dont usually see a pga class a
    professional waltzing around with graphite shafted irons dont be so

  15. @ouzomitsos hahahaha.

  16. it looks like his feet are stuck to the ground when he swings. lol.

  17. hi

  18. terrible posture… have good posture and the grip/everything should come
    naturally to you.

  19. @holyrocnroll Seniors sometimes prefer graphite shaft clubs. Ladies also
    actually hit father with graphite than with steel because of proper
    compression for their strength. Try learning your stuff before insulting

  20. sweet video ..

  21. i just got back from a driving range and did everything u said. it didnt do
    jack sh**

  22. 1:30 to explain the grip and he dosent tell us to inter lock our pinky in
    between pointer and middle finger of the other hand, i guess he must be
    more of a grip it and rip it guy

  23. Great job!

  24. did he actually hit it straight at the end???