Golf Tips : How to Replace Grips on a Golf Club


Replacing the grips on a golf club is crucial to keeping the same feel and comfort in your swing. Find out how to replace your golf club grips from a profess…

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22 Responses to “Golf Tips : How to Replace Grips on a Golf Club”

  1. @slinger2k10 Mineral spirits. Cheap..

  2. Very well done. thanks

  3. Great Video, it helped me alot! Keep the good work!

  4. That was easier than I expected thanks Elliot

  5. @cujorius try paint thinner

  6. Are the grips for a driver and an iron the same or do I need a different

  7. Simple, precise EXCELLENT!!! Just saved me $10 & trip to the pro shop!!!

  8. I think all golfers who take their game somewhat seriously needs to know
    how to install a new grip. Thanks for the video Mr Elliott.

  9. Could I use double sided scotch tape if i needed to ?

  10. Changed my first three clubs last night and played today with great
    results! Just wanted to thank you again! This is the perfect tutorial on
    changing golf grips.

  11. Great job!!!

  12. Do you need that special grip solvent or would something else do?

  13. MitchSkateChannel1 Reply January 2, 2014 at 8:49 pm

    Golf pride is better

  14. @haitykid You need tape made for water.

  15. You are absolutely WRONG!!!!! This is not the same double sided tape you
    buy in a Scotch tape like dispenser. This double sided tape will stick to
    itself or to the assembler’s hand as he’s applying it to the shaft if it
    didn’t have a paper backing. How do you think he smoothed out the tape on
    the shaft? You need to check out other You Tube videos on the procedure &
    you’ll see others removing the yellow paper backing after the tape is put
    onto the shaft & before the solvent is added.

  16. Thank you. I did eight tonight and it was a lot easier than I thought and
    there more time to straighten the grip than I was worried about. Appreciate

  17. Why do you not remove the 2nd paper backing from the doublesided tape after
    you apply it to the club & before you add the solvent? Seems as though you
    do not have adhesion between the tape & the grip if you don’t; just between
    the tape & the shaft.

  18. THERE IS NO BACKING!!!!!!!! This double-sided masking tape does not have a
    backing. Both sides are sticky. Always.

  19. OK, so my tape has two paper backings. My question then becomes, when does
    he remove the (any) paper backing? The answer is he doesn’t & as a result
    he has adhesion between the shaft & the tape but only a friction fit
    between the left-on paper backing & the grip. The adhesive is clear &
    tacky; the paper backing is yellow & slick. The taped area is yellow &
    slick when the grip is applied. There should be a step added between Step 4
    & Step 5 which involves removing the backing paper.

  20. Great tutorial and video! Thank you! I’ll be changing my grips for the
    first time this season and this helped me immensely!

  21. 3:07 sounds so wrong