Golf Tips: Impact Position w/ Chuck Cook


Golf Life presents a golf tip Impact Position with Chuck Cook to help improve your game. See More Golf Life At Like Us on Facebook …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

In this clip Jay explains how to improve the accuracy of your iron shots by adjusting comfort and position as well as distance control to improve consistency…
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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15 Responses to “Golf Tips: Impact Position w/ Chuck Cook”

  1. cool video, thanks for sharing

  2. Best tip ever. Should broadcast this to every golfer. A must!

    Harold from Ottawa

  3. Chuck’s the best

  4. so the left hand is turning down at and thru impact,,,into the release of the club

  5. Probably takes weeks of training to hit it straight every single time, but i disagree with changing your ball position or swing if you are going to hit it a small distance, cause i think that if you would go back to your full swing, then you would have to figure it out again.

  6. back to da range..

  7. That’s a very useful video and thank’s to these guys, golf is made symplier !!!!

  8. this works for tennis too

  9. Good video well done

  10. this video made me lol :D

  11. This is actually quite a good excercise for amateurs to go through…simplistic yes but since when did good instruction/drills etc have to be complex?!

  12. Good video, it sounds like an informercial though.

  13. Many have missed the point of the lesson, perhaps because it doesn’t teach how to hit the ball out of the park. Well, open your eyes! This lesson is brilliant because the majority of amateurs experience the same problem: we all want to kill the ball using too much arm muscle. In this lesson he teaches you to ease your way up, within the limits of your own swing. Once you have mastered the simple swing and accuracy for short distances, then “promote” yourself to a longer swing.

  14. The tip is excellent you witless noobs. And Jay is an AWESOME theorist.

  15. Oh, after i got my new clubs i didn’t the green on the bottom and in the cavity is almost impossible to get off.