Golf Tips Jim McLean Slot Swing

PinterestShare The Slot Swing brought to you by Jim McLean. Learn to “slot” your golf club. The proven way to hit consistent shots just like the p…
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7 Responses to “Golf Tips Jim McLean Slot Swing”

  1. My natural swing is a so called reverse slot. Don’t like it very much. I’ve been trying hard to get the single plane, and when I get it I’m much more consistent. 

  2. How would you get in the slot by going into the plane if you aren’t supposed to get out of plane in the first place?

  3. Palmer’s swing was on a inside to out loop as well as Jones Snead etc.

  4. This video and his book on the slot are great, but this video wastes too much time on the reverse slot stuff.

  5. JIM MCLEAN can turn a donkey into tiger wood !!!!
    amazing teacher. No one above him !!!!

  6. Do you manipulate your wrists on the downswing or let your lower body pull the hands down? I really struggle to actually loop it, what feels like a massive loop is one plane on camera and I dont want that.

  7. What causes the club head to drop into the slot? Is it a rotation of the wrists or is it the left elbow dropping next to your side? Any extra detail on this would be appreciated.