Golf Tips Magazine – Efficient Power


Four-time Long Drive Champ Jason Zuback can crush a golf ball. Listen to his advice and in no time you’ll add yards and tear up the golf course. For more tip…
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Click Here For More Golf Tips: In this video I explain the correct golf impact and how to square the club face. This is one of the t…

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38 Responses to “Golf Tips Magazine – Efficient Power”

  1. … and you’ll need 50″ driver :)

  2. he swings at around 145mph

  3. LOL not the worst swing , have you seen Furyks, or tommy two gloves? Plus
    Raymond Floyds, not even close to this one. This whole vid is abour gaining
    distance on tee shots. Not, how to make a golfer out of you. Zubie can pipe
    it straight and long. He and Bobby Wilson both won the Team event two years
    in a row on the PGA tour….tisk tisk

  4. this club 48 inchs, but it also depends he has all sorts of diffrent clubs
    and diffrent lofts and longer and shorter shafts. but yeah its 48 inchs

  5. Charlton Williams Reply March 11, 2014 at 4:25 pm

    Power is not created by a single movement. Power is a function of speed and
    force. You can hit the ball further with force combined with clubhead
    speed. My concept of Golf The NatraFlex Way(TM) combines speed and power
    during an eccenrtic contraction. Once you know how to use eccentric
    contractions and proprioceptive exercise, which I call IsoFlexCentrics(TM),
    you can control your body which will reach from the ball to the major
    muscle groups in the shoulders and back which hit the ball.

  6. i bet it helps that he could prob bench 600lbs

  7. 54 inch

  8. Granted he can smack it but watching the video, he has no control from what
    I see

  9. That Driver looks like its 60 inches long….

  10. @CTMOVIEMAN yeah, his spine does not stay in about the same spot, which
    means less accuracy

  11. stephendunham1972 Reply March 11, 2014 at 7:50 pm

    he needs to lay off the roids !

  12. You don’t need to be some muscle head to rip it far.

  13. Mine was about 120mph but if i can utilize this tip i can go even faster!
    His tips was quite hard to understand maybe because he’s a pharmacist?

  14. roids=long drive champion

  15. Long driving champions aren’t known for their accuracy…

  16. How f**kin long is that club…???

  17. HAHA ! xD my record is now 127

  18. from the height of the backswing and the amount he moves to his right as he
    shifts his weight, I’m guessing he slices some of the time. Still, that’s a
    fast fast club head.

  19. This really helps! wow my swingspeed went from 110 mph to 121 mph!!!!! (my
    best longdrives)

  20. that was crazy! cant image thatmuch over backswing can bring consistency.
    golfing isnotjust about driving stupidLy long…

  21. all i want to know is how his short game is and why he isn’t on the tour…

  22. The shaft cannot be longer than 50 inches if thats the club he uses in
    competition. And FYI, ever since the LDA became popular, all the roid
    freaks now have a place in the game. Even the women. If you were to see
    them in beach attire, their physiques would be so similar to body builders.
    And FYI, even Brock Lesner can pass a drug test. No one can believe for a
    sec that hes not on roids. Same should be said about many of the top LDA

  23. This is great for power, but what good is 300 yards in the woods if you can
    have 270 down the middle? When he lifts his front foot during backswing
    that is great for power but causes great inconsistency. But its a choice we
    all have to make. straight or far?

  24. terrible swing his friends call him shankapotamus :D

  25. I think you type it wrong,i think you try to type 132 right? 432 mph
    swingspeed will make the ball goes about 2miles or more!

  26. I don’t understand. if I’m square two feet past the ball, then how can I be
    square at impact, too. wouldn’t the club be open at impact? the club
    wouldn’t fully be released at impact yet, right?

  27. @paulwilsongolf

  28. Hi Paul. Just want to say that this was a ‘lightbulb’ moment for me.
    Finally I get it. Went to the range after watching this and hit a bucket of
    balls – (all easy short pitch shots) and I can’t believe how effortless it
    was. Slowly working it up to speed with the longer clubs. Thanks!

  29. Wow, I cannot thank you enough. Went to the range today, and I discovered
    my wrists were tight and watching your coiling and uncoiling video, I could
    tell the difference in the distance and accuracy, and the times I did
    replicate my “old” slice I knew right away I either had stiff arms or
    wrists. I can’t say thanks enough!

  30. Paul Wilson Golf Reply March 12, 2014 at 4:56 am

    Because the club is swinging on an arc. Your body is open at impact
    therefore the face is open to your body yet square to the path.

  31. Aren’t you supposed to lead your hands at impact?

  32. Paul Wilson Golf Reply March 12, 2014 at 6:52 am

    You should be keeping the arms powerless in the downswing and uncoiling
    your lower body to hit the ball.

  33. Great video Paul. I’ve really struggled with this. I will get to work on
    this right away. I’ll let you know the results.

  34. This is interesting. .it’s Another approach of playing golf, it is very
    different from other videos golf training videos, I’m gonna give this a
    try, but I think I would start all over again if I try to do this golf
    style and technique and even the hip motion are different, I hope this
    style works for me so I would be playing golf with less effort and more
    consistent if I do it right!!

  35. great vid as usual! thx

  36. Paul Wilson Golf Reply March 12, 2014 at 8:45 am

    Never ever do this. Now you can see why this will never work. Just a few
    degrees open or closed and you will hit the ball everywhere. Let it go and
    it will square consistently.

  37. Paul I leant a lot from watching your teachings. I need a few exercise to
    learn how to hit the ball with taking divot in front of the ball. Thanks

  38. Paul Wilson Golf Reply March 12, 2014 at 9:19 am

    You are coiling the shoulders in the backswing. You are uncoiling the lower
    body in the downswing. This creates the spring-like effect. This is also
    based on torque so it will repeat consistently. These tips are definitely
    on my Ignition Golf website. You can check my Ignition Golf Tips Channel
    too. They may be on there.