Golf Tips tv: Super Hip Turn


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11 Responses to “Golf Tips tv: Super Hip Turn”

  1. Did he say 2 o 3000 wow

  2. @secretogolf Yeah solid point point, but its a drill to help players get
    the feeling of turning there hips. Most handicap players have very poor
    understanding of what actually needs to happen, but if they do this drill
    before they play or practice……..withouit question there body will work
    more efficiently through the shot. Better efficiency = less forced effort =
    more consistency (only my opinion anyway)

  3. @secretogolf Good discusion, I ment the shoulders are square to the ball at
    impact.The left hip would definetly be opening up I agree.The shoulders can
    be square to the ball with the left hip open.You know what would be a great
    subject to cover, I see alot of amateurs struggling with Arm Alignment.I
    know hands must lead the club head /flat left wrist/bent right ,but what is
    the right forearm doing throughout the swing ,particulary the
    downswing.Facing the target thoughout or rotating

  4. Rory’s hips don’t stop and then “go” again, they mererly recoil after
    moving forward, the second forward movement being merelay a bounce exactly
    like Arnold Palmer.

  5. 1 to 2000?? all in one sitting?

  6. didnt even know you had an igolftv sticker

  7. bye bye lol

  8. @secretogolf I totally see the point you are making and have to agree with
    you.However to say that the hips are pointing directly at the ball at
    impact is incorrect,the left hip if done correctly is already starting to
    clear. I’m not into getting over focused on this point, it has to be fitted
    into a correct sequence of events if you are going to maximize the
    effectiveness of it. i do strongly believe in though is doing smart drills,
    these will be the back bone of a consistent practice routine

  9. @kulmoi Luv that you commented on that !! Whats your story??

  10. @DeanoG1414 What’s great about that question is that you understand what’s
    happening to basically figure out the solution. I think if you follow your
    own advice you can solve that pushed/blocked shot you hit. Also a tip from
    me, keep the club traveling towards the intended target after impact, kind
    of like Adam Scott or Rory !!

  11. Nice video Thanks for posting