Ball flight cause and effect


If you want to improve your golf game, you must understand ball flight cause and effect. It’s actually a very simple concept:

The Basics of the Golf Ball Path: (for a right handed golfer)

1. Hook : Cause – closed clubface at impact. Influence – ball curves to the left.

2. Slice: Cause – open clubface at impact. Effect – ball curves to the right.

3. Pull: Cause – Out to in swing path. Outcome – ball goes straight left.

4. Push: Cause – In to out swing path. Result – ball goes straight right.

There are of course many variations on these 4 basic ball patterns.

A draw is simply a slight hook, whereas a fade is just a moderate slice.

While it all sounds pretty basic and non descriptive, its imperative to learn exactly what causes the ball to do what it does. Golf is a game of physics.

The ball will always react in the same way  - every single time you swing the club. Pay attention to exactly what causes the ball to launch left or right, with or without spin, high or low, and you’ll quickly learn your ultimate goal – how to hit the ball straight!


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