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Here are a few golfing tips for your golf club swing to help you get started in you golf adventure. Remember golf is a game of misses. Make sure that you start the downswing of your golf club swing with your hips, not your shoulders. After your hips start turning the rest of the body will follow. Just turn your hips toward the target and hold the hinge in your wrists as long as possible. Your power comes from the body, not the arms. Once you start to turn keep turning until your body is facing the target. You will notice that if you turn, and don’t sway or lean, you will hit the ball with good contact and it will be going towards the target. Try to keep you head quiet during the entire move, that should keep you from bouncing. Also, look at and see the ball when the club hits it.

If you don’t see the club hit the ball then you are turning your head too soon to see where the ball goes and you probably just hit the top of the ball, Booo Hisss. That’s the tip for today, remember to use an easy golf swing, not too hard, and most importantly have fun.  Here is a golfing tip that a friend of mine gave me. When you make your backswing make sure that you take the golf club up and not around, to the right, of your body. The club has to go up in the air, if you haven’t been doing this then it will feel very strange, go as straight up as you can. Have a friend check it for you. You see when you swing the club around your body you are setting yourself up for a pretty good slice. Think up and down, this will give you the greatest chance for a straight shot. There you have it, easy golfing tips to straighten out your slice.

In order to hit a shot with good contact, and accuracy, you must maintain the same constant pressure with your hands on the golf club during the entire swing.

Most people loosen their grip at the top of the back swing and then tighten their grip on the downswing. Try real hard to avoid this, if you have a grip with both hands on the club of about a six, on a one to ten scale, keep that same pressure on the club during the entire swing. There have been allot of articles written about keeping your left arm straight or relaxed on the back swing.  I’ll tell you from experience that you must absolutely keep your left arm totally straight during your back swing. Why? If you do’t keep your arm straight you will change the arc of your swing thereby making it very difficult to get square to the ball at impact. Think about it, make your back swing with your left arm straight and notice how close your hands are to your head.

Now, make your back swing and relax or bend your left arm, I’ll bet that you’ll find that it came closer to your head, which means that your swing arc changed. Watch the pro golfers on TV, men or women, and you will quickly see that they all keep their left arm dead straight on the back swing. Try this golfing tip the next time you’re out there, and I’m sure you’ll notice a better golf swing with your left arm straight, because it will force you to rotate your shoulders and body for more power.. There you have it some golfing tipsto give you an easy golf swing .

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