Great Driver Tip; #1 Most Popular Teacher on You Tube Shawn Clement

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17 Responses to “Great Driver Tip; #1 Most Popular Teacher on You Tube Shawn Clement”

  1. I can’t wait to try this out. I firmly believe that the tee shot on a par 4
    or 5 is the most important shot and I hope this cures my fades and slices.
    I quit using my driver and turned to my #3 fairway wood. It will be nice to
    put the driver back in my bag.

  2. Good video!

  3. Hi Shawn. I have a question about alignment. It seems like if the clubhead
    makes contact later in the arc, the direction (left/right) will be affected
    as well as the height. Should my alignment close slightly as the ball is
    moved forward in the stance for longer clubs? Thanks. Cliff.

  4. @henry309 That depends on the kind of shot you want to hit; fade or draw?
    See my “working the ball; shawn clement” part 1, 2 and 3 videos;

  5. this worked like a charm. went from slicing 90% of the time to bombing it
    straight almost every time. in one range session. that being said, im
    concerned since no pros seem to keep the face that far from the ball at
    address. thoughts?

  6. Shawn, I’m not sure if you answered this or not, but is this a drill or do
    you setup this way on the course? If it’s a drill how do you eventually get
    to the point where you’re setting the driver directly behind the ball? I
    did try this at the range the other day and it really seemed to work. I got
    much better contact and ball flight. Thank you for your excellent videos.

  7. Hey Shawn, I tried this driver lesson with my #3 fairway wood (driver and I
    aren’t on speaking terms right now) but man what a difference. Ball
    trajectory was high of course, but flight was 85% straight, carry and roll
    was 220 yards. What I enjoyed the most was the shrinkage of dispersion,
    aiming at my target the ball was landing 5 yards on both sides. This is
    great, still chili dipping but not as bad, still can improve at age 58 but
    act more like 28, THANKS!!

  8. I am a self taught 16 handicap golfer. Pretty good iron player, but have
    greatly struggled with my driver year after year. Your lesson just
    straightened out my drives and added 25+ yards easily. Thank you very much
    for taken the time to do this video. -Mike

  9. ..very key to ensure your hands do not get ahead of the ball at
    impact…the concept of hitting up on the ball with driver causes many
    golfers to make impact with shaft leaning back resulting in a flipping left
    wrist… you agree? Thx.

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  11. awesome i was slicing and didn’t know why tried this and instantly gone

  12. Hi Shawn, the last ball you hit of the tee, the higher one, you wouldn’t
    recommend to set the driver face behind the ball before you take the swing?
    would it matter on the loft of the driver I was using. or my club head
    speed? thanks for your great and fantastic contribution towards Golf by the
    way, it’s great.

  13. Thx Shawn..agree…also meant to say “very key to ensure your clubhead does
    not get ahead of the hands at impact”

  14. Thanks for the comment Mike! And you are welcome! Shawn

  15. Hi Shawn, I am a lefty with a huge problem with my driving. I slice the
    ball about 80 percent of the time. I really do not have a clue why i do
    this only with my driver. I am pretty good with my irons i just have no
    clue why i slice the ball so much with my driver. Any tips?

  16. Thanks for your prompt answer. I’ve been using the setup in the video for
    several practice in the range. I DO hit the sweet spot more often, and the
    ball flight is higher now. :-)

  17. With ball forward, isn’t the swing arc starting to come back to the inside
    causing a little bit of a pull to the left? It was for me at least. What I
    did to adjust, was mimic an impact position with the club face square to
    target and then brought the club head back to the middle of my stance. What
    this did was open the club head just a tad and brought it just a tad to the
    inside of the ball. Does this make sense? I guess another option is to aim
    a little to the right and play for a pull.