[HD] School of Golf Chapter 12: Hitting it Straighter Part 2


Video Rating: 4 / 5

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7 Responses to “[HD] School of Golf Chapter 12: Hitting it Straighter Part 2”

  1. it is nice to see a american golfer doing well. stacey is a good golfer with a nice swing. she also has a nice legs. keep playing stacie. congrats on winning the british open.good luck in the rest of your carrer.

  2. This is brilliant advice. Been using You tube for the last six weeks to learn how to swing properly and this feels like the last piece in the puzzle to my swing. Keeping my right arm close to my body has really changed things and I feel confident when I strike the ball, instead of hopeful. Took 7 shots off my best round today and hit a 290 yard drive, my previous best being 220 yards!

  3. Golf Channel should do away with this program because it is hopeless and nauseating to watch and the use of various contraptions will not help in real playing situations.

  4. I will be trying these techniques today ! I will let you know how I get on .

  5. thanks

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  7. Wow she is very pretty