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EA Tischler is the founder of the New Horizons Golf Approach and has self published 18 golf instructional books and is currently working on a series entitled…

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10 Responses to “Hitting Techniques Elbow-Back (Push-Elbow).mpg”

  1. it looks like a 1/4 swing and its going 150 yards that’s crazy!

  2. you do this better than me and I am a on-top golfer. you make thrusting look effortless.

  3. Alexandjacob1, that depends on the golfers swing anchor alignment. However, in general the weight on the rear foot moves around to the heel and on the front into the ball of the foot.

  4. pgcops, Keep in mind that the demonstrated procedure is recommended for golfers that own an On-Top swing path. It was also a hitting action. As with all hitting strokes or delivery actions, transitioning into the proper slot for your body mechanics, followed by extending the rear arm toward the golfers linkage point and aimpoint is what ensures the club is delivered on plane.

  5. EA: I have enjoyed your videos. Regarding the elbow back hitting technique
    how does one ensure that the shaft will be on plane when approaching the point of elbow extension?

  6. skwon, I also have two books that are available in ebooks that describe the Biomechanical feature/options and how to test them. The first book Secrets Of Owning Your Swing – The Revolutionary Power-of-3 Golf Approach is an overview of the 12 biomechanical features and it is a lot like TGM however much easier to understand. Secrets Of Owning Your Swing Volume 2 – Learning To Own Your Swing shows you how to test and incoroporate 4 of the features to create a sound foundation.

  7. skwon11, I do provide internet lessons. There are a few packages.  You can visit my website to view them. During lessons I have you perform some tests to determine you biomechanical structure, then we build the techniques with those in mind. If you fail to understand your body mechanics it is nearly impossible to perform the push-elbow technique properly for you structure.

  8. EA, would you give video lessons? I can’t get out to Hawaii. I use a push elbow for chips and pitches (which I do well) but trying to get my elbow to that position from a full swing is hard… either it’s me or the lack of instruction. If you do (for a fee) let me know!!! Or if you know a book out there (the dumbed down version of TGM)… thank!

  9. skon11, this is just one of the trillions of techniques available to play golf. I have yet to write a book or make and instructional video relating to this particular technique. I just teach it to golfers that it works well for.

  10. Do you have a book or DVD about this? Great video!