How to Hit a Cut or Fade Shot in Golf : Golfing Tips


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21 Responses to “How to Hit a Cut or Fade Shot in Golf : Golfing Tips”

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  3. when I lost my swing after a few months and when I saw this tips of your for short game and learn about the short game drop and turn my god it got my swing back in one lesson at the range thanks so much so much…. i hope every one else learning golf get to watch this they willl love it and thanks so much the passive RDB golf tips

  4. thanks shooter mcgavin

  5. bestgolfpracticenet Reply August 27, 2013 at 4:22 pm

    Nice tip. Very basic, but never thought of it this way lol.

  6. this guy has legitly helped my game out ALOT. does he have a dvd or anything?

  7. It is hard to do on the course but letting your arms be that relaxed and using the body to move the club forward really works.

  8. i’m a lefty….why don’t golf teachers refer to back foot, front foot…as opposed to right foot, left food…’s easier for everyone to follow.

  9. Hi Ron enjoyed the vid. Just one point I noticed and wanted your comment on please. When you do the wrist hinge, just prior to making the downswing you make a very small backward turn with your hips, probably only an inch or two so hardly noticeable but definitely there. How does this help you?

  10. if i practiced that in my living room my mum would kill me

  11. WELL DONE…great tip/inspiration; ARNIE has inspired many Seniors in his PROSTATE awareness;perhaps you can inspire your many BOOMER friends in Vision awareness…AMD(macular degeneration). AMD has now surpassed Prostate cancer in statistics( A silent anomaly, AMD needs your HELP IN “awareness!!!”
    YOU TUBE(photochromic transitions)
    Good golfing 2011!

  12. listen you fag, it fucking works, a former LPGA player taught me that and i can hit the ball near the hole. your the idiot, theres many different methods to chipping, mine is more simplex.

  13. your an idiot

  14. Here’s a better idea… swing like a putter…

  15. Wow what an awesome video explaining this….this is the best chipping instructional i have ever seen. great stuff! -Sean

  16. what does he mean by thumbs up?


  18. this guy is definitely one of the best on youtube. to the point and always explains what he is doing and thinking quite well!

  19. A little too much wrist action going on there for chipping, IMO. That looks more like a good video for pitching. With chips, I like to keep my wrists out of the stroke, with pitches, a little wrist hinge on the backswing is good.

  20. Hugues Grenier-Brazeau Reply August 27, 2013 at 11:43 pm

    Nice vid but this looks like a pitch
    Chip os suppose to roll 2/3 of the lenght

  21. Great tips! Ill definitely subscribe to your channel!