How to swing down on a shallow inside plane…

A lot of golfers suffer from an overly steep downswing. Which is sad,
real sad, because that’s one of the biggest causes of a slice and weak
However, the steep downswing is really the result of everything that
has happened before, and from a transition NOT led with the lower
But even if you learnt to start your swing with your lower body first,
you could very well still be swinging down too steep – causing an out
to in swing path which produces pulls, sliced shots and pull slices!
Why would that still be happening?
Because if you’ve been swinging down too steep for a long time and 
you’ve never done anything to change it, then it will be a habit.
Now if you’re one of the lucky ones that doesn’t suffer from an overly 
steep downswing, today’s drill will still be great for you to do. This drill
will reinforce the correct club movement when you’re transitioning the
club into the downswing.
What is the correct transitioning of the club into the downswing?
Very simply, when you’re changing directions from your backswing to 
downswing, your club should move to the left.
This is one of the toughest moves in the transition for a golfer to
Because it’s generally the complete opposite of what a golfer has done
their entire golfing life.
But once you learn and perfect this move, it will make a HUGE
difference to your golf swing and ball striking. Because this move is
what really separates a great ball striker from an average one, as it’s
the complete opposite of what an average ball striker generally does.
To get a feeling for what should be happening with the golf club during 
the transition, I want you to get your driver and swing to the top of
your backswing and then stop.
…then start your transition with your lower body and at the same time
move your driver to the left.
Now when you do this it will probably feel very, very strange at first,
because it’s the complete opposite of what you’ve been doing. And the
only way of getting over this is to keep doing this movement over and
over again.
But if you’re struggling to get the right feel, think of turning your
hands like you would when opening a door that has a knob type of
handle.  At the top of your backswing you should be turning your hands
so the club flattens.
If you would like much more instructions on how to do this, along with
video of a drill that will quickly teach you how to have the correct
hand action at the top of your backswing and into the downswing, I
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you can use to perfect this “flattening the shaft” move, so you can
swing down on a shallow, inside swing plane.
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For Consistent Golf,
Jeff Richmond
Director of Instruction
Consistent Golf
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My golf game has dramatically improved by hitting the ball much
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