Improve Your Golf Pitching


Improve Your Golf Pitching

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Tom Creavy School of Golf - Posture Techniques

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20 Responses to “Improve Your Golf Pitching”

  1. I always used my L wedge at 65-70 yards. I recently started playing a lower
    control shot with 54o, it works. Thanks

  2. Using an imaginary clock face 9,10,11.12. o-clock has really helped me on
    pitching distance on the backswing and follow through – love your videos as
    I have just found my personal swing plane that works for me THANK YOU

  3. Having a hard time flipping the hands/wrists on the pitch shot – and
    knowing what the clubface is doing on the backswing and downswing. Thanks
    for your videos.

  4. great lesson, Mark, i am a returning player after last 4 years…this
    lesson took several strokes off my last two rounds…..

  5. hahahaha…NO

  6. Looking to improve your pitching? Watch Today’s Practice Tip and Learn! (

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  7. Improve your pitching and distance control. With Mark Crossfield

  8. Improve Your Golf Pitching with AskGolfGuru Mark Crossfield PGA
    professional. Mark talks about how to control your pitch shots and your
    distance control for lower scores. Hit your pith shots close with Mark by
    using this simple and effective practise drill. Find your distances from
    100 yards/ meters in and start making more birdies and saving pars today.

    watch the video on facebook in the apps or on facebook.

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  9. I always look forward to your videos as you have helped my swing
    tremendously! I am joining a college golf club and will have the
    opportunity to qualify for tournaments, so I need any help I can get.
    There’s a qualifier this weekend at a really nice local club, but I don’t
    think I’ll be registered and able to play by then. I’m going to go the
    range today to work on some of the multiple things I have learned from your
    videos. Keep up the great work!

  10. cool let me know if it helps

  11. yes the ball you play with is the best way to perform this drill and

  12. writing your yardage numbers on the hosel of each club during practice can

  13. Mark, I LOVE this lesson. I’m a 2 hdcp and I’ve been practicing 0-70 yards
    non-stop for the past few weeks and have only been using feel. This is a
    great system to really document distances and I’m going to try this right
    away. Thanks a million

  14. thanks for watching

  15. Love the videos , I use the mobitee premium , you can change your clubs and
    distance , just sorting mine it tells you what club you need as you go
    round the course , give it a test it is very good , Shaun only been playing
    a year love it , thanks shsun

  16. crisisofconsciousnes Reply December 21, 2013 at 7:44 pm

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  17. Aloha, Excellent advise. I like using my 60d from 100 yards and closer but
    I like the idea of a pitch wedge for shorter distances.. gotta give that a
    try tmrw. Cheers Mark

  18. First the worst second the best

  19. A pro recommends this

  20. Looking good Tom.